After First Grade

After the last incident happened.. I was alone in my backyard, and it was pretty light out when the same thing happened again. Dark figure, too far away to see. I watched it and it stayed behind my garage, barely peeking out. Long arms. Very tall and skinny. I was a very curious child, so I waved and walked towards it. It immediately vanished within a Seccond and I went back to playing not thinking much of it.
I was a stupid child
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You were lucky by the way, you were lucky child, I'll say.

Yes. I realize now how lucky I am.
He still follows me... Every once in a while I see him in the shadows. But I'm confused on why I am not afraid. Or why he hasn't messed with me or taken me :/

He is not taken you yet because you have no fear in him, same as I don't fear in him too.

Then why does he keep showing up? :/ I'm not afraid and he knows that... But he keeps showing up

He is waiting for you to fear him so he can get closer and get you, but right now he is far to get you. So rememeber fear attracts him to you, because he will think that you are weak person and easy victim to catch. But wait a bit longer as you can so he can move on to another victim.

I will :/ he doesn't scare me at all.
I want to get a closer look, but every time I walk in his direction he runs/floats away

You mean he disappears, right? I actully don't know why does he do him he must kill victim straight away as human gets closer. But why does your entity does do this, well I don't know why does he runs away from YOU!? It just wierd, WHAT A ***** entity you have!
Sorry about that. :P

Yeah.. He just kinda fades out when I come close. And I'm not afraid of anything...

Keep it up, hope he will go away.

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