Good Morning Slender

This morning I woke up with the operator symbol drawn on my hand with red ink.
He's not scaring me.
Well played slendy.
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3 Responses Jan 17, 2013

slender man is some skinny piece of ****. It's like how can a character from a game suddenly come to life. we all have brains and i dont think we used them to understand the simple things in life. Its not possible to me. Basically its not scientificly proven. the ppl that do it on youtube and stuff is simple and braniac and ict and lets not all forget we can get fooled by costumes. you never know some types of ppl because you know you can so just forget it. it can be logically explained with what you see. life is not always what it seems like.
lets forget this so called 'slenderman' and enjoy life like how we want to and again forget all this slender nonsence so remember. even if he is real ( but i know he is not ) think, if you look at pics and it looks like how come he has so much arms and why they are unusually long just imagine what good hugs he could give. so i hope and ill pray that you can all forget the so called slender man who does not exsist

Maybe a Proxy came and drew it while you were sleeping.

Interesting how he did that...