Holy Hell!

Guess what guys? I have been talking to actual Prøxy, she knows EVERYTHING about him, and she has giving me bits and pieces of information about him. His weakness, oh your going to love this! Electricity! He gets hurt with electricity!!! 100bolts of pure electricity! Now what he eats... Souls... He eats souls like the demon he is. Oh yea, he is a three balled imp demon. She has grown to be my friend and trusts me. I like her as a friend back, I will NOT give away her real name and location. Now, I suggest you pack some tasers with you.... Stay safe everyone...
XxTheReptileGirlxX XxTheReptileGirlxX
13-15, F
3 Responses Jan 19, 2013

Hey she could be a fake ex."disgrace to all proxy"- comment number one

Your fake and a disgrace to all proxies.

Good to know :)