I'm Trying To Find Him

I've been researching Slender man for 4 months now. I read lots of articles and blogs and watch many ARG's. I haven't seen him in person yet, but I have had lots of dreams with him in them(seventeen to be exact). I won't fully believe he is real until I see him for myself. If he is as evil as many say he is, I want to find him. I want to find him so I can maybe fight him or even kill him, so I can help everyone who is tormented by him.
MadameSerena MadameSerena
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5 Responses Jan 19, 2013

What the **** no offense I understand why you are looking for him but lots of people have died by his hands/tentacles and you think you can take him

I actually agree with you, I'm not going to fully believe in "HIM" until I see "HIM" or/and his proxies.

foggy, dark,foresty or deserted streets. he usualy shows up in places like these

yeah, I live nowhere near those. But I'm still continuing my research.

Why would you want to find him? Just so you know, the more you know about him, the closer he gets. But you can try to find him if you'd like.

well i cant agree with you on wanting to find him hes freakin scary dude! i have thought about somebody killing him though cause he needs to seriously die Dx i hope you are careful about this cause he doesnt seem like the kind of being that will leave you alone once youve got his attention

best of luck