Need Help W/h Research On Him.

Dear colleges, i am a believer. I have seen a peek of The Slender Man and have had over 10 recurring dreams with him in them, and have had health problems that quite closely fit the so called "Slender Sickness" - Coughing fits all of a sudden (mostly when i am ALONE). nosebleeds are almost daily, and my cat wakes me up in the middle of the night just to meowl at the window at 3am. i have had a growing feeling of being stalked over the last months, and, unlike many, it didn't begin until 2 weeks after i found out about the Tall fella. i am not as scared of him as i am FASCINATED. i have been researching him online, but its mostly fake. I think i need to conduct some field research... im heading out to the nearest forrest.

came back. found nothing but snow in boots. however after reviewing taken footage when i arrived at an old abandoned building the screen had some fuzz, not enough to call static, and it continued for the rest of my trip. Also, i had a dream about him last night. i was in an unknown forrest with friend and his dog, and we came upon a fenced off building, and it gave me the chills. Suddenly, his dog somehow leaped over the fence and ran off barking. My friend climbed after it and told me to stay outside and track him with our GPS trackers(no ide where i got them). Suddenly i heard a dog squeal and stop abruptly. I watched my friend as the dot on the tracker screen moved around frantically, then stopped and dissapeared. Now Call me whatever you want, but i decided to run for it. i ran and ran, and when i turned HE was allready there, standing by the door... i will continue to post my progress, ask any questions you want.
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I am getting scared, I think my mom has it, and more than 5 sightings, I swear to god on my soul she tells me she's nauseous, coughs up blood, pukes up blood, and is almost always sick, also she has the strangest dreams, but she doesn't even know what slender man is, do you guys think she has it, be honest here plz...

Also I meant the slender sickness

Avoid looking up research. Avoid talking about him. He comes closer everytime you learn more about him.

My problem is that i cant force myself to stop, its like trying to forget a loved one, like trying to forget your name, like the thought itself WANTS to stay, kind of freaky... and im not scared. his power is in fear, otherwise he would not stalk people for years, and he is near - powerless with me... at least for now.

I know how you feel. After I first learned about Slender man, I tried to forget, I tried not to research, but after 2-3 weeks, I just had to continue learning about this thing. At first I was scared, but now I'm not. Oh, and something weird happened during those 2-3 weeks.

I understand.

Also, last night had weird dream again. i was only beginning to fall asleep, and i dreamed i was walking on a paved road feeling cheerful. as i walked, o the ground i saw a closed manhole, the kind that goes to the sewers. they are usually safe, so i decided to ignore it and walk on on it. it began flipping over, and the last thing i saw was i tall skinny shape in the distance before falling into darkness. the whole dream lasted only like 5 seconds, but i woke up immediately, m whole body feeling like i actually DID fall. is he trying to tell me something!? like when i think im on hard ground it turns out to be thin ice, metaphorically speaking? I am SO confused!

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