Russian Folklore Reference!

This is a Copy-paste fro a Wikipedia page. Since i am part mostly Russian and grew up here, i knew about him, but only now connected the dots. this story also bears simmularities with the German Der Gross-man, the English Tall Man, and many more European nationalities. The Only difference is that Leshy (or Lesovik, I. E. Forest Man) has a beard and Burning Green Eyes. Read and think.

A leshy usually appears as a tall man, but he is able to change his size from that of a blade of grass to a very tall tree. He has pale white skin. Legend describes him as having a red scarf and his left shoe on his right foot. He also had no shadow. He was really big, but to hide from people in the forest he turned into dwarf-like creatures.He is the Forest Lord.The leshy has many tricks, including leading peasants astray, making them sick, or tickling them to death. They are also known to hide the axes of woodcutters. If a leshy crosses the path of a person in the woods, the person will get lost immediately.
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He isn't real, despite the large amount of old folklore which is supposidly about him.

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Educating the ignorant.

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