Maybe I'Ll Be His Victim...

I'm really scared. I suffer from depression, anxiety and paranoia, and I totally believe in mythological creatures, but nobody knows, they would say I'm crazy. So, I suffer from different mental illnesses and I'm really really scared he will come and get me. I believe in him. I think I'm his "type" of victim. I can imagine that he has a soft, nice voice and it will be easy to follow him in afterlife, although I'm scared right now. I'm afraid he will appear right now, in my room. Maybe I'll get help.
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13-15, F
3 Responses Feb 1, 2013

Unless you get slender sickness you should be fine
Here are the slender sickness symptoms:
Nose bleeds with fever like the common cold, mild amnesia
First Encounter:

Nose bleeds, exhaustion, nausea, strong cough, vomiting, amnesia, slight signs of radiation poisoning, aches and pains, slight trauma of the eyes (i.e. blood shot, vesial popping ect...), deja vu is commonly seen at this point.
More than five (5) sightings:

Coughing up blood, blood in vomit, many signs of radiation exposure, painful breathing, difficulty in swallowing, violent convulsions and major amnesia.

yeah, you probably would be a victim, but as long as you haven't seen him yet, you're safe. Don't think about him, don't research him, and stay calm. Try your hardest to forget about him or distract yourself so you're not thinking about him. If you do start seeing him, contact me and I'll give you some advice on how do deal with it.

thank you... I think I can do this. Survive.

It's real hard not to do research, though. People always get the urge to research things they shouldn't.

You better not give up, be strong and live as long as you can... no matter what stay AWAY from "HIM". Soon or later there will be a help soon, maybe... :I