My Encounters: Entry 1.5

I didn't sleep at all last night after posting my last entry. I was compelled to try and understand what that note was trying to imply. They say obsession is one of the more obscure symptoms of exposure to the slender man but I tend to obsess over many different things.

What worries me is that last night I went to take a leak and I saw the bald man at the gaits of the marina again his back was turned but it seemed like he was watching someone but... it wasn't me. this means one of two things. Either I am a proxi or the more sinister thought is that my father is.

another thing that happened this morning at around four. I heard the sound of vomiting coming from my father's bedroom and then a loud crash I went to check on him and found that he was feeling sick and had dropped to the ground vomiting but had knocked his alarm clock over in the process.

since then I've had a killer migraine that seems to get increasingly bad as I write this and now my head feels like it's on fire. I still have that note as luck would have it. For the time being all I can do is pray to god that my father and stay safe and that I don't bump in to masky. that proxi scares the living daylight out of me.

Oh and one more thing. that note reminds me of how the roads are set up here on the island. the circle is the marina office, and the roads that connect in a triangle are similar to the roundabout that allows people to get on to the other side of the road and that bit that juts out is the road that leads out to the city. Now all that's left is to find out why the symbols are there.
James1Harper James1Harper
18-21, M
Feb 11, 2013