My Encounters: Entry Two

Over the past two days a lot of stuff has happened.

Yesterday I had a doctor's appointment scheduled so I had to drive down to the city but when I got there the doctor and all the staff at the clinic were out sick. The building was empty and had been locked from the inside which is odd since the door's lock was installed on the outside. As I walked back to my car I noticed that the operator symbol was spray painted on the sidewalk that lead to the clinic's parking-lot. I would have brushed it off if it wasn't for what I saw next.

As I continued to drive I saw a poster in a shop window but there was something drawn on the poster. it was the other symbol on the note. the one that belonged to the observer. Like an idiot I decided to take the poster with me but when I took it out to look at it again I noticed that it was an advertisement for the clinic I was just at.

Seeing as I had the day off of school for an appointment that never happened I decided to do what all high-school seniors do at some point I took the day off and ditched. But the question that ran through my head on a loop was where do I go and what do I do? Suddenly my thoughts were interrupted by the sight of Him. But something was different He still had the suit, he was still tall thin and faceless but then I saw the tie... It was blue.

taking no chances I started my car and drove off. I know for a fact that he saw me because the next thing I realized was that I was at my mom's house. But something else was different. I felt something in my hand. A hand written note with the same Big symbol from the first note that I found on my bed last weekend.

I'm not very interested in the note at this time because I got a nasty surprise  when I got inside the house to see if my mom and brother were there. The door was locked so i used my key to get in and after getting in I found out that someone had ransacked the place. Windows were smashed books were thrown all over the place pages lie everywhere and  a few potted plants were tipped over. I went to see if the dogs that my mom and brother keep were safe and thankfully none of them were hurt or missing. after this I began to hear strange noises coming from my brother's bedroom. Not wanting to alert the intruder to my presence I then went to my room and drew the dagger that I keep on me for self defense and that's when it got bad. 

I entered my room and found that whoever had ransacked the house had flipped the cross that hangs on my wall upside down and had written the following on my wall in blood. "I have been watching you for some time now James. The operator will find your friends soon and the follower is only interested in keeping you safe. He has no interest in your friends. and by the way... RUN!" I sighed and rolled my eyes a bit at the nature of my situation.

After turning the cross back upright and making sure no one had hidden themselves in my closet I sighed and grabbed what little of my important belongings were left and ran back out to my car to call the police and my mother.

When they arrived the police had said it was a run of the mill break in and that my mom should keep the windows locked from now on when she leaves the house. After answering some questions I drove back down to the boat to try and figure out what happened.

I feel that I should also mention that my brother (Sam) was strangely quiet and giving me angry looks when the police were there at the house. Could he be involved in any way?

As for today's events I managed to run in to Joseph and Doug at school. During lunch the two of them asked me why I wasn't at school on Monday and I lied and told them I was at a doctors appointment. Joseph shrugged and asked If I still was having trouble with my memory. As I was about to answer Doug gave me a look that let me know that he knew I had lied... How he knew and why he cared makes little sense to me right now.

the rest of the day has been fairly uneventful so far with the exception of spotting an operator and observer symbol painted on the side of a dumpster near the marina's office

Something big is going on and I can't escape the feeling that I'm caught in the middle of it but my biggest question that remains constant is this. Why do I want to know?...

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Be careful don't panic if you start getting sick stop everything

lol if slendy gets too close punch him in the throat. seriously you're not a little kid. he doesn't want you..

saw a slenderman with a blue tie as im not trolling this is the truth i was getting up to pee it was 10:48 and i heardsomething so i went nothing there (in my kitchen) then i heard it outside and i looked into the woods ajd saw him

wow, your situation is escalating. Well, it's good that someone is watching over you, keeping you safe. The notes are really interesting. the fact that your house was ransacked is a bit peculiar. As far as I know, Proxies don't ransack houses. Now, I have a wild, far-fetched theory, probably wrong, but I'll still say it. Do you watch DarkHarvest at all? There is a cult called the Order. They think of Slender man as a god and have all sorts of information. It could be possible that they ransacked your house in search for something that you have/might have. It seems that your father and brother know something about the situation.

It does seem that something big is going on. I only wish I could help you more than give you advice and theories. If you need help, just message me.

Never watched it but i have heard of the order. I thought they were a myth and that a proxi was after me like masky or hoody like in MH entry 19 when jay went to investigate the trashed house and got ambushed by masky. The Follower may have been the blue tied slender man I saw in the city seeing as how no one has heard of a kind slender man before or a blue tied one. the red tie must be the operator and as for black tied slendy... hmm

I think I should let my friends know what's going on. they may be being watched.