My Encounters: Entry 2.5

I decided to take inventory on what I brought back to the boat from mom's house.

. my wallet with a twenty dollar bill and three dollars in change (No that's not a joke i wish it was something different but it is what it is.)

. my cross that was mounted on the wall (Never hurts to have one on you.)

. a flash-drive that someone left in my old windows XP (This may have been left by
whoever had broken in.)

. my Stelito switch-blade (I don't want any proxies getting a hold of my dagger and stabing
me so I'm going to keep this on me for defense from now on.)

. a bottle of my antidepressants as well as several bottles of my other medications
*Focalin, Mirtazipien, and Adderal* (all of them are full thankfully)

. my pocket watch (it's fairly valuable so I'm a bit surprised that it wasn't stolen)

My notes:

It's becoming clear that whoever is stalking me has a partner. And though I refuse to believe that it's the slender man the events that have transpired these past few days are slimier to other alleged encounters with slender man.

It has also become obvious that whoever is stalking me knows about the slender man and how he affects people.

this evening I'm going to investigate that flash-drive i found at the house. And see if that note gives me any clues as to what that message on my bedroom wall was about.

May god be with us.

My laptop is starting to show signs of visual tearing where the cracks in the screen were. I'm sending it in to get it fixed tomorrow and it may be a while before I'm back on. I'll try to give you guys updates via my iPod but if that doesn't work just know that I'll have plenty to share with you guys when I return.
James1Harper James1Harper
18-21, M
Feb 12, 2013