The Slender

Like two years ago my and my brother decided that we were goning to camp in the woods that is near to my house . Minutes past and we finnally got there . I was so exited untill I saw this odd tree shape . I told my brother "doesn't that tree look akward " there is no tree . He responded . I looked back and there was no tree . I tought to myself am I paronid or something . After an hour . We went to slep In different tents . But I couldn't sleep I felt like somebody was stalking me or something I dicided to open my tent and I saw this very tall man with no eyes and mouth . He had a ripped suit whith tenticals coming out of his back . I started to scream help HELP . Then my brother opened the tent he said what happend I told him everything what i saw . When I woked up in the morning I got out the tent and had this felling to look in the back of the tent and there was a big round circle with a x throught it . After that I went to my house with my brother . Then I was couries to goolge that monster I saw . Then I knew his name . He is the SLENDER MAN
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You must be careful now on!