Ok so my first encounter with slenderman, I was on a rafting trip with my school. We were going by a really dark, dingy forest so, I looked at the forest and came across a tall, faceless man, of coarse I knew right away it was him. After the first encounter, I've been seeing him in every dream, when I walk my dog on some trails, and even in my house! I also believe I have the slender sickness, possibly from the first encounter or the other times but, I've be having coughing fits, nausea, im always soar, even when I don't do anything, I also get really bad, frequent migraines, and mild amnesia! I don't know what to do! Any help?!
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maybe, you should stop looking in the legend. i know it's very hard to do i had to do it too. after a while you can do it again if you like. but be carefull. by the time you read this, i'm already a proxy. just be careful!

Once you see him, doesn't he follow you until you die ? This is scary.

Don't go anywhere alone always be with someone

Keep calm and don't panic. Stay away from the forest from now on.

there's one problem, i live right beside a forest!

...ok. Well, just don't go in there. He'll make you want to go in there, but you'll have to be strong and resist.

ok thank you for your help!