I Miss You

I finally found someone I thought was my soulmate, we had so much in common and I enjoyed chatting to her online even though we had never met. I fell in love with her. It's now been 2 months since we had to stop all contact as her husband found out about us arranging to meet. I just wished that things were different but I know she wants to save her marriage and I love her that much it seemed only right to stop the torment and pain of something we both really wanted between us but could never actually have.

I miss her so much but I know in my heart it was the right thing to do for her and her family.
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I am also going through the same kind of thing. I am quite divided now actually. When I met this girl she was at the end of an abusive relationship. We fell in love immediately, faster than I ever have with anyone despite the fact that she was far away and we've never met. I urged her to tell her ex about us, and when she finally did the guys competitive drive kicked in. He started to change of atleast try to change. Now this guys a lowlife who bullies and intimidates his sons mother. He's a piece of ****, probly a narcissist, the type to forever promise change and forever not deliver it. But the woman I love has a child with him. Scarred by her own parents divorce, she doesn't want her life or her sons to "be like that". She's chosen to give the boy fool another chance. Why I'm divided is because I want her to be happy, yet I am her twin soul. I know this guy could never make her happy as I do. More than that, we are the same person. She and her ex are very different people on many levels. We were best friends. There's many things she could never talk about to him. I know we're meant for eachother. A great distance seperates us, yet even though we are out of contact my goals remain the same. We are meant to be , and I believe her relationship with her sons father will fail. He does not truly love her. The difference between us is I took pain and abuse from her and did not lash back out, for I cannot hurt her, while he lashed out and hurt her in most ways a person can. I know that I love her more than anyone else could, because she is a part of me. Now, we are in Gods hands. Your story loved me. Good luck

I hope you both of you are feeling better. I'm going through something similar and know how you feel.

I fell in love, with someone I met online
We have met several times and talk daily
We are both planning on living together