My One True Love

I met Kelly and my life changed. Never before had I ever wanted someone so badly. We dated... She proposed a few times... Everytime I said yes... Somehow she never concidered me her fiancee... I concidered her my wife. We both have these horrible pasts filled w/ abuse. So both of us have issues, and sometimes our issues clash. I believe that she is my soulmate. We are not together right now, but I cant give up hope that we will be again. Neither of us are bad people, so why does our issues have to prevent us from being together?
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2 Responses Mar 30, 2012

Real life is hard. Living together is hard. You have to make compromises each day, and just let things go..otherwise, it just won't work.

This was a long time ago. I came to realize that she was not just moody - she was abusive. When she almost threw me off of a 3rd story balcony, I left. I have not spoken to her or seen her in years. She was not my soulmate. I was brainwashed by her - literally.

I am glad the relationship ended. I hope you are happy now..whether you are alone or in a relationship. Time tells everything..if love endures, it will surpass the test of time...Be might be attracted to abusive people....I am proud of you for moving on..I hope you will find true, sound love....Take care...I learn from my best friend that soul mate does not have to be a lover, it can be a pet, a sister, a brother..or a stranger that can reach inside your soul..that cares and connects with can also be your own soul mate too...I am still learning about all this...I believe whatever happened to me is meant to elevate and catapult you into something amazing in the future..

I am happy. I am back in college... I have been accepted into honor societies and honor programs... I will finish with at least a Masters in Counseling Psychology... I want to help others through hard times... I just got engaged to a wonderful man ... I received a lot of therapy for my past, which led to better choices in my personal life...

Sometimes love isn't enough.

and quite often it is... if the people really love one another and try... that's what I think