When Soul Mates Meet.

When two people are meant to be together, they will be drawn together again and again, over and over through all dimensions and throughout time, it is like they are caught in a magnetic field.  Every time they interact, the energy changes between them.   They change each other. So while the elemental forces that initially drew them together are reinforced, others are deconstructed into something new, something better.

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Totally believe this.

Every time I look out into the world I know that she is there. My unconscious thoughts circle around the beautiful idea that some day I will meet her. When will I meet her? When will I see her? When the time is right, as is the story with all.

I love this story!

i truly agree you, though my soul n heart says its him(my soulmate) , but my brain denies. my brain tries to overpower but my heart conquers my brain . so in very last i dnt want to be left broken.

i believe in soul mates..thought i found them..twice..but i was wrong..anywho, it has been about a year that i truly feel i found HIM; THE ONE I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR..we were drawn to each other..found trust within each other..commonalities that are just so uncanny..everything about me attracted him and he told me so..it is my thought that he was thinking out loud when he said that to me but i pretended not to notice..but an arrow pierced my heart..i wish i could say the same about him..if he does, he hides it well..he has to hide it..you see, we are with others..but i can see and feel the connection..i feel we can be one..everything about him has me going crazy..i love him..perhaps one day that will come true..but for now, all i can do is wish and fantasize about our being together..his touch, his affection, his kisses and hugs..sigh..

I like your analogy .. or definition of.. quite true, "I believe", this really does simplify the how, the who, and why's... nicely done!

I've lived through many lives.. and i find i am always drawn to people i have spent time with before. A lot of my loves in this life were from people i loved before. I don't think though there is just one person for everyone .. I just think there's a right time and a place for everything.<br />
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Plato says the search for a soul mate is a search for your alter-ego.. all the parts of you that you wish you could be more open about that you wish you could be comfortable with... in one person.. i don't know if i believe Plato, but .. interesting nonetheless <br />
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Any rate- i like your story.

I met this man online, by chance, and within a very short period of time things just changed, and continue to change. It's like we share one heart and one mind, and yet, not. From 10,000 miles apart we have this connection that is so intimate, so revealing, and positively sweet and gentle. We are tuned into each other emotions, and we call and email to each other at like exactly the same moment, we do this over and over and over again. It's strange and comforting at the same time. It's unconditional love and acceptance, sight unseen and our happiness is each other. <br />
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They say 'Home is where your heart is.' If that is true, then he is my home. My heart reaches out to his gentle soul every single time, without question. To me, this is my soul mate.

My husband and I have always known we are soul mates. We sit and talk and we both believe that we have been friends and lovers in past lives. We don't have the best marriage right now but he is my best friend and I love him with all my heart. It is not easy and love can hurt really bad sometimes but I will always believe that he is my soul mate.

I agree, we are drawn to our soulmates. I met mine when I was fourteen and he was twenty seven. When I was seventeen we couldn't resist each other any longer and we embarked on an affair that lasted five years, then I moved away because he was married and we had no future together. Over the years we've been drawn back to each other time and time again. Now, over thirty years later, the pull is as strong as ever, even though He's still married and I'm with someone else. It's a bond that can't be broken. He's in his sixties now, he's an alcoholic and after a recent heart attack his health is still poor, but I still feel the same about him as I did when I first saw him. When I'm with him, I'm home.

wow... thats the most beautiful thing i've ever read

I understand now. Thank you for enlightening me. You are the best.

Ablmu...I have read this and re-read this many times. I have to say this logic is very hard for me to understand. One one hand..I feel that we as humans are capable of loving many people. That there was not just one person out there destined for us. On the other hand..I feel that there is a certain familiarity when you meet someone and feel a connection. Making me doubt the reasonable and logical. I do however believe in reincarnation. I believe that our souls are born and reborn again and again. That we cross paths with the same souls we were possibly connected with in a past life. My question is this....I have crossed paths with many people in this lifetime. Some were not so good for me and made my life miserable and complicated. They seemed familiar when I met them and the relationship felt natural. If there is one soul mate out there for us...how do we know for sure if the familiar feeling is leading us in the right direction. Is our entire life spent searching for them? I believe our souls change with each life we encounter. We learn and grow and move on to something better. Is this type of love ever attainable?

You do bring up a very good question and a direction that I had not thought before. I like the fact that I am now going to have to stretch my mind and go look for answers. It is not enough to just blinding follow the current mode of thought that others have posted. It is good to have our post challenged from time to time in efforts to keep us moving forward. Thank you my friend, for that push.

It is the place between heart beats, between one breath and the next that the two souls will communicate. Time stands still, all emotions are laid bare, every secret is revealed and both souls are born anew. It is a timeless cycle, living, learning and loving.

Nicely written my friend. When souls connect they do so on a level that the mind will never be able to understand, where time does not exist.

What makes it special is when you meet your soul mate you recognize them and little memories of the past become part of your dreams.

You are right ... they will find each other time after time after time.

You are most welcome, and thank you for your insight. You have added value to what was written.

I, too, think you have very accurately described what I have experienced in my life (lives). The intensity of the attraction, the insistence of the universe that we be together, the changes that have come as a result - construction and deconstruction, if you will - are all beyond the simplicity of animal attraction....I have always known a higher power put their foot down and demanded I take the time for this relationship...thanks for the clarity... SS

Maybe it's just the frustration of not having one..... ;-)

Lostbird<br />
I can understand your concern as to whether it is true or not. I have read some places that when soul mates meet time and time again they are not always friends and the meetings are not always pleasant. For those that believe in past lives soul mates can come back as a friend one time and a foe the next. I am not sure if this is what you were referring to in this case, but I do appreciate you taking the time to comment on the story.

Hmmm..wonder if this is true, I'm not sure.