Remembering Charlie

MAY 27,2009

Charlie ,its been almost 4 years since you died, and I have tried to be strong and remembered evverything you said to me Charlie i miss you s
I remember the candlelit dinners ;and how we would dance , and then falling into each others arms .
I remember the notes you would put on my night stand ,after you had hurt my feelings ,saying you were sorry ,with a flowerand a note .signed half -assed charlie.
I remember our first Thanksgiving
together, .We had so much food  that you told me to go find some lost souls that wasnt as fortuante as we were,so they could eat to and know they were blessed also.
I remember our first our first Christmas ,we decorated togther and it was so beautiful and we were so very happy.
i remember when we made a stuffed animal display for the kids out in the front yard,only for neighborhood services to tell us we had to take it down.
I remember the day you let the rooster in the house and you were eating cheerios[your favorite cereal) the rooster keptwalking up to you ,looking  at you then clucking and startedwalking around in circles .I know more said he wants some of your cheerios ,he walked right up your leg and arm and took a peck of cheerios and got down .We laughed so hard.Iwish i would have had a camera.
I remember your gentle caress,  your loving eyes,.
I remember our little ceremony between us where we promised ourselves to each other until death.
We were insepertable,a special love we shared like no other ,Charlie ,some of the things you said to me I now understand  .
   I  love you ,I wish we could have gone together .   Remembering Charlie !

 I wish my writing skills were better , what we shared was a love like no other,you really dont know until you experience it  It will rock your world,you will never be the same you feel this kind of love so strongly that words are not neceassary  We were soulmates..
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3 Responses Jan 23, 2013

The message was clear to me. I am so sorry for your loss. That you two experienced the greatest thing and now he set the bar for any man who wants to be in your life.

idk what u believe but I believe u will see him again :)


Iwish my writing skills were better .What I want to say and how I feel sure doesnt come out the same on paper .

you expressed yourself with love, passion and the pain you feel. that is fancy enough! ;)