you talk to a person...and you just feel the connect...
you almost know that you were connected in some past life...
just feels so natural...just that it has happened to me many times already...
is that odd?
healerprince healerprince
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No, it's not. I had this happen to me, too.

I am glad...thank you for your comment...
has it happened many times as well for you?

Only once. I've made several friends that I think I could be friends with outside of EP, but only one with that kind of easy connection that makes you feel as if you've known them forever.

that is sweet...hope they know how special the connection is for you :)

Not odd at all. I know I've lived many lifetimes.

awww thats nice...

I've had this happen often... Meeting a person that I knew I knew from somewhere else, some other time.

sorry for the late reply...but thanks for your message...
yeah, it just feels as if it was always meant to be...:)

I crave for that...for that is everything

true...and you will find someone like that soon...just dont give up :)


If you put it out in the universe yes I believe it

thats the spirit :)

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