I wish I could find mine...
stephanie29 stephanie29
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It won't take you long with that beautiful smile :)

Just like you, I wish I could find my soulmate as well soon....

i wish you will find him soon

me too

Mine will come as a surprise to me!
Mine I leave to chance...and chemistry!

I hear you buddy...

Don't we all?

They say to be careful what you wish for.. But I don't think that's true in this situation I wish I was yours..<3

That's what I would say if I found my Soulmate..

You are your soul mate in life. That is to have self love and self worth. So many waste life looking for that one.......what a waste of life. When you know who you are, then working on being at peace, you will be more likely not to place your happy life on an event that is outside of you. You are your happy KEY in life ....not a mate. They help but ...will never have you be happy, that is all you.

You will just wait
You will find that special person you would do anything for

I know the feeling

your British

Yeah...and? lol

well I love the British

Where u from? :)

like I can't wait to find her I wonder if she will be wearing my favorite team logo or my favorite clothing like what I like to see women wear

I believe in them soulmates I don't know where to find them but I'm giddy about her my soulmate

I don't believe in soulmates, never could, never have, never will, I'm sorry

Well, everyone is entitled to an opinion :)

That's all right :-))

Would you like to chat please?? Can't add you, can't message you

there are so hard to find

I would love find mine as well. Where are you soulmate