i always believes in something i can't see maybe soul mates is one of the reason i believed and i dont know what am i gonna do when i meet one
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Just do what your heart, and your sub-conscience tells you, no matter how odd it seems

maybe you're right, i realised that I'd done something similar once. everybody getting a bad vibes from that person but except me. but never thought that was a soul mates or im just being blinded in a way

Just go with it, and you could find the greatest things

we went our separate ways, she migranted

ok, but is there anything right now that calls to you?

it has been a couple of years now and we didnt contact each other after she had migranted but before that we are mad at each other for some reasons which i cant remember, until the very recently she added me as friend on facebook, i accepted and i sent my apologies and my regards. is this the something that calls to me?

no, when something calls to you, its a feeling that theres something you have to do or you feel you should do but may not always know why.

maybe that's the calls to me, and I've done what i should have done in the first place

Maybe, but only you can truely tell that

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