I Dont..

Just a simple thing i think..

You meet someone and they are perfect for you at the time, but people develop at their own paces, say a few years down the line they are most likely to be on a different platform than you..what happens then?
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I am not saying being so different that they cannot be friends too, beings friends and soulmates are very different and i am pretty sure you know better. Its just that the way people see soulmates I dont see how it can work with people developing at their own paces and growing exactly to complement each other?<br />
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And like I said to ally, if people are on different psychological platforms how can you bring them together? Working on it you will just start compromising and stop growing, beating even the slightest point of your own existence.<br />
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Of all the people who see it the way i do most of them want to be proved wrong, and its only fair, if you start living witht he brutal truths of life then its just reduced to counting days to your death or something like that.<br />
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And ally you forgot to mention that i am correct and you are wrong in that! :P hehe.

He hasnt' and won't change my mind, 2weird4most. I think what I think and thinks what he thinks. We both just tell each other what we feel and we don't make the other person feel like they are wrong.

but then allyrs he cant change yours either?<br />
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but anyway do you believe for soulmates potential to exist?<br />
because i think i have some proof to back up your claim floyd, i find your story sad, but because its true :/ at least in my perception anyway, only i wish i could be proved wrong

Oh, it's okay, Floyd. :] Think whatever you want to think. I know now that I can't make you change your mind.

Lol quiet the opposite actually, soulmates are just people whom you think are like perfect for you to share everything with, not just your love interests. I think that people who can complement each others traits are somewhere near what we call soulmates not people who are alike but as you grow some parts of you will change and some parts of them will change and you will most probably begin to not complement each other well. Thats what my point is..<br />
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Relationships and the obsessions surrounding it..its over rated..how the heck do you make things work when people are on different psychological platforms in life, you cant just put a ladder up and make them climb upto yours or the other way round. And here I am not saying that "soulmates" dont exist, just in general they dont!

I'm not saying growing together in different ways. I'm saying to acknowledge the vast difference and work on it and start to grow together to become united and more strong. It really depends on the people and if they want to make the relationship work.

If you move on then soul mates dont exist right? And if you keep growing ignoring the situation then one day the difference will be so vast that you will consider yourself foolish for ever being with them and the whole situation..it happens to a lot of people.

Either you move on, or you both can grow together.