Girl Or Guy. Love Lust Or Friendship

I don't think a soul-mate is necessarily a love. And I think it could be someone of your sex or the other. I do believe there is more than one out there for everyone but only the lucky ones find them. But then again how hard is it when your soulmate completes you in every way living where you want to, being what you want to be, spending there days as you do. Someone so similar to you or so understanding to you that it is a mirror image. Maybe someday you'll both meet in that coffee shop you both go to, and you both order a very specific order and you both leave the same tip, then sit near the left window. You both notice the similarities. This brings forth a conversation, turning into another meeting, transforming into a relationship, developing into something new and exciting. Be it friendship or love of your life.

That is one of my interpretations on soulmates. And yes I have many.
relleaine relleaine
18-21, F
Aug 7, 2010