I Have Already Found Mine :)

I believe that every person in this world has their own partners or soulmate waiting to be found.
I'm a sixteen-year-old girl, and at my young age, I can confidently say that I have already found mine :)

This is a story about Dada(me), and Jem.

Dada is a very dreamy girl. I love to read pocketbooks since I was in grade 6, and because of reading a lot of it, I've almost known every kind of love story! I dream of having a love story that could be written on a pocketbook since then. Maybe because of my addiction to pocketbooks, I have been early exposed to relationships and "love" thing. I believe that love exists, and so as with happily ever after thing. I believe in fairytales, and even though I still can't define what love really is, all I know is it exists, and it can lasts for eternity.

Jem is an easy going type of guy, he says things carelessly, but he has a good personality. I couldn't define his personality a lot, but I can say that he's now matured for things. He is very goal-oriented, and he wants everything to go with his plans.

We were classmates since 1st year, and back then we never expected that we would end up together this way.

He's been into so many relationships at his young age, I don't know but he doesn't take relationships seriously before.
That thing doesn't go the same with me, I take relationships very seriously, I believe that being into a relationship is a very sacred thing, and that it wouldn't be treated as a game.
Though I have been into 3 relationships before that didn't work out. I have been brokenhearted a lot of times, I've been scared of taking risks again in love. I'm scared that it wouldn't work out again, or I'll be taken for granted again, or my heart will be mistaken care of again.

On our third year in highschool, he finally had a serious relationship (so far that's what I know). His girlfriend that time was a friend of mine. I am closer to the girl than him. I became a part of their relationship because I became like a messenger or counselor that served as their problem consultant. Haha! I gave them advices before on how to work out on their relationship, and even help them to solve their misunderstandings. They lasted till we got on fourth year.

When we were in fourth year, I got into my 3rd relationship with my ex-boyfriend whose very friendly, sweet, or let me say flirt. I was very depressed those times, seeing him hugging Jem's girlfriend in front of me (anyway they were close), or seeing him holding his other friend's hand?! Oh, that broke my heart terribly. Because I used to be the only one of my boyfriend, the only hand that my boyfriend would hold, and the only one that my boyfriend would hug, and I should supposed to be coz I was his girlfriend. I don't know if I was jealous that time, but isn't it reasonable enough to be jealous? Because of that thing, I became closer to Jem. He started visiting me often, though he had been visiting me before for friendship purposes. We talked and hang out together more often, talking about how things were being unfair, talking about our friends who couldn't accept the way we are, talking about our girlfriend and boyfriend who were closer than we should supposed to be, talking about everything that we hated the most about people. It's funny that everything goes the same in both of us. Sometimes, being with him is much better than being surrounded with a lot of people who are not real!

Though we started hanging out together more often, I still considered him as my friend. I had no intention of falling in love with him, I didn't want to, and I couldn't as well.

I've decided to break up with my 3rd boyfriend because I've been hurt enough, and after a couple of months, Jem and his girlfriend also broke up. I've been inloved with another guy, but again it didn't go well. I've been hurt again with that guy, but at that time, Jem already started courting me.

I didn't agree with the idea of him courting me first of all, because I know that situations were still very complicated. There was an issue of me being the reason of Jem and his girlfriend's break up, so I didn't want to get things worse.

I started moving away with him, I didn't talk to him that much anymore, I made myself busy with school and ignored him, and the reason was I wanted to fix things with his ex girlfriend. But then suddenly, he went to my house, talked to my mother, and cried infront of me while saying, "Please don't push yourself away from me, I know the situations aren't good, but my ex couldn't be the reason of your going away. Please, I could lose everything in my life, but not you!"
I was shocked seeing him crying for the first time, and I said, "Ok fine I wouldn't do that again, but promise me you wouln't cry again ok? I don't want to see you crying."
After that, we hang out again together, just like it was before he broke up with his ex. But I stated it clearly that what I feel for him was only as friend, nothing deeper than that.
I had been brokenhearted with the guy I was loving that time, and he was always there beside me. He didn't care if I didn't love him, what he wanted is not to see me crying over that guy.
His father and I met, because we have been chosen as "Prom's best in gown and best in formal suit" in our JS prom, so we were obliged to attend the parade, we designed the car together. At first, his naughty father thought I was very snob, but then after the first time we met, he already liked me. Didn't know why! Haha! He wanted me to bring in their home and never let me get back on ours. He even invited me eat at their house for lunch after the parade (their location is quite far from ours). I've been in their house before but not quite often, I've known his family but we're not close. But when it comes to his father, oh my! I've thought of choosing his father over him before! We really understand each other, and Jem told me that that was the first time his father liked or approved a girl for him.

Even though we were already really close, I still rejected him. I just wanted to be his friend, nothing more than that. I don't know, even he's very sweet, he serenades me, gives me bouquet of roses, brings to their house, visits me in ours, calls me often, I still couldn't find ways to love him. He was almost a perfect lover/boyfriend, but I couldn't still love him. I rejected him 10 or more times! He experienced a lot of embarrassments because of my rejections, but he still waited. He said, "I don't want to be your boyfriend if I wouldn't be the last." And he was telling me he wasn't courting me to be his girlfriend, but to show and express his love for me. Very devoted isn't he? :)

After our graduation, I moved to Singapore for educational purpose. Still, I didn't give any chances for him. Nothing.

I stayed in Singapore for 3 months then had a vacation back in the Philippines for 1 month.
I thought I would be single for a long time, I don't wanna get involve in a relationship anymore if it wouldn't be the last.
Someone has courted me through internet, and he has caught my attention.
But my intuition was saying that he's still not the one.
And so I rejected him, but unlike Jem, he didn't continue anymore on courting me. It means he wasn't serious enough to stand for what he feels. That was the start of my realizations on what I feel that time.
While I was in Singapore, Jem's older sister also moved here to find a job, and so we hang out together on my birthday. Haha! It's funny how we get along so well together! We had never got the chance to have bonding times when we were in the Philippines yet, and I thought I couldn't get along with her, but I've just found out that I was wrong. We became close so fast. And she was the first one to whom I confessed what was already bothering my heart that time. I told her I was confused If I was already inloved with her brother. I laughed with what she said, "So, there's a chance that you would be my future sister-in-law? Great!" Hahaha!
It took me some time to be sure of what I feel.
And you know what made me sure of? Jem tricked me, he pretended that he was already dating another girl. Then I cried, cried and cried. I asked to myself, "Am I already too late?" T_T
And so I prepared myself for what could possibly happen when I came back to my home country.
The day before my flight, I was thinking what if he doesn't love me anymore? What if it is true that he's already into another girl? He already met a lot of beautiful girls now in college, who am I to be waited? After I pushed him away? After I rejected him so many times? Would he still be willing to know if I already love him?
My heart was pumping so fast, I was nervous.
Luckily, when I got to NAIA(Philippines' airport), he was there along with my mom and siblings. I was very happy knowing that his feelings for me never changed at all, and that even though he met a lot of girls already, and after all this time, I'm still the one for him.

I finally gave him my sweetest "YES" on July 7, 2010. I'm willing to be forever committed with him. :)
He already introduced me to his relatives, and his father was more excited than us! Haha!
Our friends were very happy knowing that finally, we are now.
Honestly, if you're going to hear what we are always talking about, you'll never imagine that we are only sixteen! Because we always plan for the future, especially our future wedding, our future home, our future family, our future children! I know we're still too young for these, but it isn't bad dreaming of your future wedding and family with your future husband is it? We were so excited to finish our studies and save money for our dreams to come true.

They said we are really perfect for each other. Same dreams, same interests, same likes and dislikes, very compatible with each other. Looks like I've found the half of mine. We think the same, talk the same things, even our mistakes are often similar. Haha!

I came back to Singapore last week, and it's sad that we aren't together on our first monthsary. Even though I'm too far away, I'm not afraid because I trust him 100%.
I think what we feel right now is TRUE LOVE. Because we have been tested by time, distance, circumstances, what else? Haha!
I want to spend the rest of my life with him.
I wanna walk down in the aisle knowing that he will be the man who is waiting for me.
I wanna build my home, my family, together with him.
I wanna reach my dreams with him, since we have the same dreams.
I can't see myself with any other man anymore. No one could ever love me more than he does.
I'm going to stay here for 3 more months, then I will continue my studies in the Philippines after it, then we would be together again!
I already miss him so much!
However, distance doesn't matter if two hearts are loyal to each other, right?

If you have time, please watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aCDYFuZCrQc

Thank you for reading :)
I hope you'll like our story. :)

And so I have found mine, how about you? Have you found yours? :)

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excellent story

Thank you :)