A Message To My Soulmate

This is a message for you...i just want you to know that i'm here and waiting for you... always know that my love for you is endless and always strong. i have so much to say but words can't begin to describe the amount of emotions i have for you.... you would probably be reading this because i believe in the law of attraction and i also believe in GOD.  He would encourage my love for you. The wait is torturous, nerve-wrecking and sometimes very lonely but i always know that it is always worth the wait. always know that i'm here and i'm waiting for the life i always wanted. You, me and kids with a nice house to come back to everyday and a sturdy job to keep the house but i also look-forward to the love i'm about to receive from this divine relationship. from this, i know i have to love myself in every-way possible, from my head to my toe... from my electrons to neutrons to protons, from my strength to my faults in order to start loving everyone else. someone said, by only changing yourself, can the world see the change in you and hence, they change to accommodate you. i am greatly improving and i know your arrival is imminent. i feel you with me everywhere and anytime of the day. always know that i'm constantly thinking of you.. ( opportune and inopportune times) always know that i see you with me everywhere and i imagine your reaction to what i would be doing or how i would be reacting to situations. Your touch is so close that it feels real and i am comforted. Your coming... i know it.... i feel it deep within me... i feel this sense of calmness whenever i think about you and i know deep-down, my gut-intuition, you are thinking of me too but haven't pictured who i am yet... Always know that i will truly love you and that god would always bring his angels happiness... we're all god's angel...unique in our own way.. he will bring happiness all the time. we just got to look for it vehemently. i have found it... its you and i know god is working his magic. i believe....

Yours truly,
janaga11 janaga11
18-21, F
2 Responses Aug 14, 2010

hahaha... it is from the heart..... i heard from somewhere when one is determined and want something deeply from the heart, its already theirs...

this is so deep. (: