I Wonder

I believe in soul mates.  So many people I know have found theirs.  I wonder if I'll ever find mind.  I think not.  I've allowed to many years to pass me by...................

update june 28, 2008

all joking aside, a soulmate does not necessarily need to be a lover, spouse, or life companion.  a soulmate can be a person who is a friend and nothing more.  if we allow ourselves to recognize this, i think many of us will come to realize that we've already met our soulmate....



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I think I've already met mine. I wrote a story about him. He feels like a part of me regardless of our relationship status. Right now we're long distance best friends but as long as he's in my life I feel more like myself.

I don't think it is ever too late to find your soul mate. I was ten years or so older than you, and she was your age, when we found each other. So, as she and I often say to each other, if one or both of us were to pass tomorrow, we would go knowing that we are complete. Be watching my friend. The best is yet to come.

I know I have met my soul mate but he moved out of th ecounty and I need him back in my life. He always knew what would cheer me up and I did the same for him. I am sure when the time is right he will return.

You are not 'Gods' Source of Love' for she is not in body on Earth. You are not married to 'God' either! You are probably married to your 'Source of Love' who is an individual just like you! Hope that is very clear to you now! The man who was Jesus is with his 'Soure of Love' who is not Mary Magdalene for she came after he had married his 'Source of love'! She uis out of body too at this point in her life, and he is in body a great artist who does not want to be known as having been Jesus! Don't blame him for keeping it unknown, do you? When two married individuals are out of body they do see each other but I know that though I saw Richard many times in all those in between lives I now am free of him and he is of me. That is creating true friendship! <br />
Soul mates are friends in the plural, all individuals who are not your 'Source of Love'. It is so that in so many of your fomer lives you did live with different spouses but you stayed married to your 'Source of Love' all the time spiritually. Do you want to reunite with your 'Source of Love' or with Soul Mates?

yup, that's me,,,waiting...

everything comes to him who waits.

Musicbox...all these people with "feelings"!!! I'm a waiting...LOL<br />
<br />
Xerxes211, that's the way of things sometimes. At least you are able to have her in your life.

I found my soulmate (or rather, she found me), too bad though because she was already married- but we have been best friends for almost 30 years now.

'Soul mates' are friends and there are a lot of friends! Your Original Spouse the one you promised to love and be faithful to for the rest of your life, is a very special, more that a 'soul mate' to you!

with friends like this who needs enemies? he he

OMG!!! I just took a look at his profile and saw you really did that!!!! I already had one conversation with him where I had to agree with him today........and now he's gonna know I was talking about his big head!!!!<br />
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No where to run, no where to hide......

I don't know which one of you guys is worse, Iam or Paulie? Oh wait!! I asked for it since both of you are on the front page of my circle. LOL

SHEW!!!!!!!! good I am glad that is what he was talking about!

OH Iam, you know how much he loves it, though....<br />
<br />
Besides, I'm pretty sure he's occupied right and now and all this should slide under his radar....HA!!

I think Paulie is trying explain his definition of what it 's like to have/ or be with a soulmate.

wait...Paulie where you referring to my comment or someone elses?

lol Well, he is telling you the truth and if he gets a big head we will have to just dienflate it. lol. <br />
Mommy's love is so different than mothers love. A mother can "love" her child, but their will never be a love as deep as a Mommy's love.

Oh Wendy, did you have to agree with HWP? Do have any idea as to what a big head he's going to have now? LMAO!!<br />
<br />
I love how you differenticated b/w mother's love and mommy's love. Huge difference....

LOL iwantmore it'll work for you one day when you least expect it! Promise! just dont be expecting it when it happens! everyone is destined to love and be loved to have that one great love. sooooo don't stress over it and when it falls into your lap enjoy it and do as hewhopleasures says bc truelove is the greatest thing next to a mommies love (take notice i didnt say mothers love) for her child there is

sorry haven't unswear you questions but you know by now that i just know. Heeh.

You'll be a very rich horse, ummm I mean man if you're pregnant....he he

I hear ya.....<br />
<br />
Harvey's and a pickle?

you're in rare form tonight bh....are you sure you were only working on your bike today? roflmao

i know, hwp, i know.....<br />
<br />
*pls note my comment does not constitute absolute agreement*<br />
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he he

having had experience from both sides of this particular coin, I will simply suggest that when you find him/her, appreciate every single moment of the bliss. because whether from personal growth, natural shifts, unnatural occurrences, or that old funky fickle finger of fate, it can end.<br />
<br />
live in the now, baby....

okay wendysmith, i'm shutting my eyes tight right NOW!!<br />

Dont know your entire situation iwantmore, but I believe that everyone has a soulmate and that they are destined to find each other at a certain point in their lives, don't give up hope. You are destined to be! My soulmate found me when I wasn't looking. Sooooo....just close your eyes and one day pooof there they are!

Opptimism makes getting out of bed so much easier don't you think?

How do they know? I'm still looking?

why are you so sure? just curious.....

you don't find soulmate, soulmate find you. So don't worry coming soon

BTW means by the way<br />
<br />
I agree with Findinme's first statement too. I just don't want her to get too big of a head by agreeing with her all the time. LOL

I will take self pity over dog puke, poop or ****! G-d I am so sick of excrement erradication! What does BTW mean again? I did like findinme's first statement and it is true!

Maybe if you would have let me wallow in self pity I could have slept better. :-D

:-)<br />
BTW sorry you couldn't sleep. Hope it wasn't something I said :P

Oh yes I did. Now I have "sole" mates. LOL <br />
BTW, I have TWO dogs. I love them as much as I love my kids. But I'm a greedy woman, I want more!!!!

ROFL. Maybe you should get a dog. They have such soulful eyes. And they love the soles of your shoes :P<br />
Did you like my gift?

Always so philosophical. Can't you just let me wallow in my self pity? Jeez, you ruined. I'm going to bed now with my own "sole" mate. LMAO

I used to think I had found my soulmate, then I realized it was just sole mate. But I have come to believe that we are our own soulmate. Seek and ye shall find :-)