Soul Madness Mates

There are many soul mates one can encounter in a life time. Some are soul friends, some are soul enemies, some are soul pet companions,  some are soul lovers, one is consistent, for life, a soul companion and lover and unconditional life mate, that is the one we all say we want to find or gloat that we have already found.
We fail to think about our "soul madness mates" because they are often intense and short lived and we generally like to tell ourselves that we have forgotten all about them once they are gone. Of course, they are always in there, even if we have shoved them far back into our subconscious minds.  
I encountered one of those once. Those types will stop you in your tracks, they make intelligent individuals forget their names and their morals. They weave magical charms that knock you out and they can instantly create utter chaos in your normally serene life. They usually come gift wrapped in pretty packages and they have eyes that dance and sparkle with life, they compel you to look into their eyes and once you do, you are lost in there somewhere for a time.
When you meet them, you feel "found" as if all of your life you have been lost and now, you are found, validated, stimulated, energized and at home in your own skin. You share the same thoughts, you start one another's sentences and you finish them too. You run into them almost every time you leave your house. You cannot stop talking to one another, you pour out your soul and you smile so much, your face aches. The passion is blinding, sex and more sex, there can never be enough sex with these kind, you walk around hungry for them, even when they are beside of you, or inside of you, you are insatiable for their touch, their body, their mind, their scent, their goodness and especially their badness.
Then one day, it all implodes on itself, you wake up and they look like their real selves, the gift wrap is no longer there, they don't sparkle any longer, their eyes are dull and uninspiring, their face is demanding or boring.  You  realize how utterly foolish you have behaved and you ponder what in the world were you thinking?
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So, do you have an explanation for soul madness mates? Why do we feel so intensely, madly attracted to someone that really is not right for us? Sometimes I think it's just that these pla<x>yers have a magnetism about them that others don't.

right and sometimes we just feel so right about the wrong one!

Well,well,well, if I ever meet a guy that made me feel that way I'll come back and That would be so amazing, I would love love love to feel that way about a person😘😘

Oh it will happen... :-) I'm waiting to hear all about it when it does.

I love your thoughts, so beautifully expressed, wrapped in the emotions experienced when head-over-heels in love.......<br />
<br />
I hesitate to say what I understand of this, for it might reduce a beautiful, if tragic, experience to dry laboratory sweepings.........<br />
<br />
So I'll just say that it's true that we are made like this - to go a little mad when sometimes first in love - not rational, not reasonable, just madly gaga and wide-eyed with wonder. And then we aren't. If we've built some stronger connections, some deeper feelings, we transition to a stable if more warm relationship (rather than passionate hot), if not, we wake up and move on and wonder about what the spell was.<br />
<br />
My wife and I grew from teenagers together, and only separated after 40. The tensions in depressions were too great to handle. My new love is very different in quality (to a polyamorous Buddhist witch by the way) and workable.<br />
<br />
The difficulties in life are inevitable, and are the opportunities for growth (sometimes called YAFGOs).<br />
<br />
Wishing you blessings at this special time in your country.

Well ProfDavros I sure missed this one somehow~ it is yet another thoughtful and honest response, you can't know how much I appreciate your comments on my posts. Bless you, thank you.

Do you know the acronym YAFGO?

LOL. Where you the fly on my wall? You wrote the story that could have written and so manny will say thats what happened to them. <br />
<br />
30 years you have had with your match. Wow... I can only try to imagine what thats like. You are blessed. <br />
<br />
In kindness and many more years of blessings to you - Ace

I thank you and I wish for you a forever love that will inspire you to at least 30 plus years of everything you ever dreamed of in a lover and more. Blessings and care.

Oh what a fantastic blessing from you, Thank you so much!

Very well said. You just described my last relationship that I am just now getting over...sort of.<br />
<br />
I like the term, is fitting. I really hate that anybody has to go through the hardships at the end. But, I guess you need to experience something like that to find your real "Soul Mate"<br />
<br />
Thank you, its a wonderful, eye opening story.

You said it, you have to go through the bad to appreciate the good, thank you so much for reading.

No that you for writing such great material...keep it up.

Bless you and thank you. I just found this comment!

If 30 years and I am saying. 30 years of warm, caring, sensual, intimate, forgiving, interesting funny kind years is any kind of a perfect match, I guess I found one. I was 12 years old the first time I saw his face and the open friendliness of it stopped me in my tracks (althougjh we did not date or marry until our mid 20's)

Wow, that's absolutely amazing! I think you are very lucky to have found what you have. :)

I am blessed, it has not been an easy life, we have had many sorrows together, including losing our youngest daughter when she was 22. The one constant has been encouragment, support and unconditional love and acceptance of one another as human beings, where we are, as we are, but kindness and romance has always kept us in each others warmest embraces.

"Soul Madness Mate" LOL. I've never heard of that term but I've experienced it many times. I don't really believe in soul mates. I believe their are several people that could potentially be good matches but there there is no such thing as a perfect match.

Oh Gosh! You have described this SO well

You are so kind to read so many of my experiences! Hugs.

My story and many others i believe sad and so true tortured souls we become

Thanks for reading and for sharing!

yeah, it does, odd isn't it?

That truly what happens when fall in love and the lust is all gone.