I Believe In Soulmates

I met him in an English learningclub in this virtual world. He looked busy and very normal. I sent him a message to remind him the lesson he was attending to. I thought he was unemployed, and poor. Until now I still don't know why we talked more often. So many same things opinions between us without saying. He knows so. I knows so. Until now he is still very busy with his work. He is the only one I can share my webcam without thinking and he does the same but we usually don't do that cos it is not important. I usually don't talk about me and he does the same. I don't know why I can understand him much. The most strange thing happened when I could know what happened with him that night without seeing him. He was online a day later to tell me that his arm was broken which I saw a day before. Maybe there is an electric line between soulmates . It is not love.. Maybe I think I understand him more than he understands me. I feel comfortable to chat with him although we live far from each other. I believe soulmate is someone that you can understand without saying and vice versa. People around me just know a part of me and the most complex of me I think that guy can't either but I think that is enough and so lucky for me to find him. There is someone for you only. Someone says Hi and just chat with you only when he is available sometimes. Someone says the amazing things you try to make people to say that to you but no one can do it.

Thanks God. I am so pity that a soulmate is not someone in the family although I know well when I fall, they are the only one give me their hands.

Sound so conflicted?
dotan dotan
26-30, F
1 Response May 22, 2011

Actually there is big difference between just an emotion and real soul mate.