Known Souls

I believe very much in soulmates - i believe that there are people we meet that we instantly recognise on a deep level - we connect with these people and we don't understand why...

I believe that we meet all of the same souls in each incarnation - they appear as different people and may be close or distant but we interact with the same souls always. Your husband in this life may have been a male friend in a previous life, or your uncle in a life before that, he may have been the local shopkeeper that you saw daily...everyone we meet in this life we have met before in a previous life.

Soulmates are souls that have been closely linked with us for many lives - we know them so well that we instantly recognise them - our souls connect. A soulmate in this life may have been your mother in your previous life, your sister in a life before that...soulmates always stay close to you. Your soulmates in this life were soulmates in previous lives also...hence i think that older souls will have more soulmates than younger souls.

Isn't it nice to think that we all knew each other before in a different way - that our souls are always connected and some souls are so connected that they need to be close to each other in each life!! 

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This is really nice. I do believe I've found my soul mate, but I don't believe in reincarnation. I think a soul mate is someone God made for you. Someone very special, of course.

I know I have found my soulmate, for many reasons, we met as teens, we parted and found each other again. We are like the "same person" in many ways, we have so many things in common, including our "dogs names" and we answer and say the same things at the same time. I do not look at him from the outside in, but at his heart. A soulmate makes you a better person and does not judge. The love from a soulmate is very strong, when they hurt you, they, hurt themselves. It is a very "unconditional" love. When you find your soulmate you want for them "love and happiness" and you can feel their pain. You feel a very strong connection with them even far away. You can feel if something is wrong or they are sad. I think, to find your soulmate you must put away the idea of what you think He or She will look like. Search with your heart. A soulmate "completes" you and you feel safe with this person and can be your TRUE self. They love you for who you are, not what the "world" sees.

I totally agree with you. They give you very unconditional love, more so than anyone else you know. You can't hurt them, not even a little bit. With my soul mate, I'm very gentle with him. I can't stand to even brush his arm roughly. I touch him very delicately all the time, because I have an irrational fear I'll hurt him even though he is very strong and athletic, and I'm a weak little thing. The connection is VERY strong. Soul mates always find each other, one way or another. Time and distance means nothing to soul mates.

hi there, its nice to see other people beilieve what i believe . thankyou i really enjoyed reading was lovely.

Thank you! :-)

well - its in a different life-time so it is not like you married your uncle!!!

That thing about the uncle being a husband grosses me out! Otherwise it is an interesting theory.

It is a nice thought - to me it means that no-one is ever really gone - they have just stepped out for a short time and we will be united again!

I must be a very young soul. : )

Should I ask or will you get back to me??