I Definitely Believe

I wrote a letter to my soul mate under another group apparently, but yes I believe she is out there somewhere. It's one of the last things keeping me going in these interesting times we all live in. I've made peace with the fact it may just be a pipe dream and I may not find that "twin flame" until death.

It would be very uncool but if this is the case then so be it. I admire a good sense of humor so I try to keep one about myself as well. Best never to take myself too seriously because the fall is that much further when you hold yourself in high regard.
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I believe you already know much regarding soul mates. In respect, the flame is but a different level in my opinion. Rarely do we meet our flames in this lifetime but to an extent, sometimes we meet them early on and dismiss them as a soulmate. I would agree with what you have said overall, we really can't be too picky with life. <br />
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I know of my flame, though there is distance between us. Who knows whether I am graced by her presence in this lifetime but I know I've been graced with soulmates. The ones that have a reason to be in your life and the ones that you can't get out of your mind leave you with many lessons learned and show you the depths of change within yourself to become a better person. Take a moment and think about it.<br />
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Yes Its best not to take it too seriously, the plunge in falling is much deeper and at times limitless if not realized in time. I wish you luck on your efforts. I am sure you will find that soulmate. It takes time and at times you just have to be yourself through it all. ^_^<br />
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As frustrating as it can be, she just has to "happen" on you. and believe me you'll know it. it feels like being hit by a semi truck. but in a completely good way. but. . . . . i caution that if it's a past life connection she may not remember it. or she could and you don't quite feel it. it's MADDENING. it truly is. i met mine and we had an emotional affair. and i'm stuck unable to get him out of my heart or head and he's moved on litteraly to another state and won't even acknowledge my existance. don't give up and keep your heart open to all possibilities. good luck.

aww I appreciate, I am really sorry to hear about yours moving away like that. any way that could just bee a warn up for you so all doesn't seem lost?

Hopefully it's good enough to make her come out of hiding, I'm not sure what to try next.