I Want To Be In Love

As far back as I can remember thinking about romantic things, I wanted a relationship wit some one who is my very best friend.


...I still do!


 with someone whom I couldn't wait to leave where ever I was to be where they were and they my.


I want to be with someone who loved to share their deepest dreams, hopes, and fears with me and I with them.


I want to be with someone whith whom I can share my deepest heart and know that they will truyto understand and will suport and love me any way and that they are sure of the same acceptance.


I want to be with some one whom I can encourage and lift up and they will receive it and appreciate and some one who's encouragement i can receive...


...soul mate. Best friend...



SleepingTiger SleepingTiger
56-60, M
1 Response May 8, 2012

I absolutely love this! Makes me think of me and my boyfriend. He's my bestfriend, my entire life. My soul mate. You will find find your soul mate when you least expect it and you will know straight away :-D

I am truly glad to hear you have such a wonderful relationship w/ your B/F BFF;-)

I hope you two are able to cultivate it into the years!!!

Thanks for sharing. makes me smile to hear of the joy of others.