Thought I'd Been In Love Before.....

I was married three times! The reasons for the first two were actually a little hilarious in the way they came about, but the third time I married a 'nice man' because I had three little boys who longed for a father when theirs never showed. After 26 years of trying, living separately, serious illness from the stress I finally got out of that one.

Last summer I went to my class reunion and spent some time getting reacquainted with a very funny and intuitive guy. I never knew he was so shy that he has difficulty speaking in a group because he's not that way with me. I discovered that I was spending the summer not far from his home so we agreed to meet up and find something to do; he's a been a widower for a few years and new to the area just as I am.

We went to a festival together after a couple of days of wandering and there I met a palm reader. I don't believe in this so much, but I was enjoying the sun and the day so I paid her $10 to do a reading. She said my soul mates were very near - there were two, she didn't know, one might be the gentleman I was with..... It was only a few days later that I realized that this man had come to know me so easily and so well that I'd shared some of my most personal moments with him. From that day we've been nearly inseparable. He's my best friend, he's understanding, loving, hilarious, fun, sweet, sometimes cranky and impatient. I never grow tired of being with him and we've been through some tough times together already.

Ladies, the quiet ones will amaze you.

Today I ran into that same palm reader in a large city near where we live at a chocolate festival. She was sitting with a group, kind of hidden behind a poster when I walked by. I said "I'm no way talking to one of you, I did that once and now I'm living with a guy!" She popped up and said "That was me! I remember you!" It was just so fun that after eight months and how many readings, she remembered me.

In introduced her to my guy, she grabbed my hand and said "Oh, I have chills". Literally shivered. I looked at my palm and the two lines that last year were very short have changed; one is much longer and the other has faded nearly away. While she was holding my hand the longer line turned beet red and she said with great satisfaction "Yup, he's it. You're married in every way but formally."

I feel lucky lucky lucky and loved!
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It's an incredible feeling isn't it ?

Oh, man, the first night I spent with him I ran away intending never to return. Unfortunately, I grabbed a pair of glasses from the dresser that were not my own so I had to come back. Been here ever since.<br />
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He's stuck by me in the past year through some real rough stuff dealing with my former marriage. We were separated for 6 weeks while I was enforcing the division of assets that my ex was trying to actually steal from me and at this age it's about 2/3 of my income. We were miserable apart.<br />
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He's my best friend and partner, surprisingly insightful and thoughtful. He centers me. He adores me and I do whatever I can to make his life easier. It's weird, but little things don't bother me when in three marriages where I've experienced just about everything they drove me nuts. I had a gay husband, a cheating husband who hit me, and a husband who was emotionally extremely abusive and allowed (maybe encouraged) his family in the same behavior. I've seen a lot, raised 9 kids and I was more apprehensive about this relationship than any of them. Why? Because this one could actually hurt me.<br />
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And yet he never would. His brothers and sisters tell me he was an angel little brother which I poo poo to him. But I suspect it's close to true. Oh, he gets impatient with projects that I love (remodeling, how could you not love the mess & inconvenience?) but never with me.<br />
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And when he first said "I love you, " I got chills. Why? Because I was married to three men who never used my name. Or even a nickname, or a lover's name. Do you know how anonymous that makes you? It bothered me so much.<br />
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His family love me and I am actively involved in their lives; most are a lot older than he. His son and his girlfriend call and text all the time. My own family are mostly gone so it's precious to me. Out of the kids only 3 were my own and two of them don't approve. I can see their point, after all, so I'm patient. The third is a sweet, accepting kid but lives far away so I don't get to see him often.<br />
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The only thing that I could wish for is naturally lots of money, but we have enough. The money would be for living at Harry Potter World and new shoes - I could clean out entire malls. But yesterday I ordered a couple of pairs from Coach outlet cheaper than Nikes, so I'm stoked!<br />
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What I cannot see is me without this guy as my intimate and ETERNAL (if it exists) partner!

Wow! He definitely sounds like he's it. Especially when he stood by you and helped you with your settlements. I think it is VERY healthy that you are staying involved in his family. I think that's the best start.

You must have some tingly feelings going up your back and butterflies in your stomach. People always say there is someone for everybody and I really wonder how true that is becuase there are people who live fine as a single person.<br />
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The question I'm wanting to know is can you really see yourself with this guy as your intimate and LIFETIME partner for the rest of your life or do you just like the idea of him being the one? Your story sounds very exciting and all I can say is enjoy every moment, don't rush anything and try to let things fall into place. :)