Madeline Mccann Spirt

There was a little girl who was 9 years old she was gone missing in 2007 in may 3 because last week before the newspeople found out I seen this girl her name was in my dream it say MADELINE M so I did not know what's last name at all only her first name show up in my dream so next couple of days I saw this little girl aberration in my kitchen it was her her name was MADELINE last time I saw her she was 16 years old next couple of days the news was on tuesday mooring I heard the news that there were a little girl who gone missing in 2007 in may 3 when they show a photo first time see the photo it was the same little girl in my drawling & when they show her name it was the same name in my dream her full name is MADELINE MCCANN that was wried because she came to me first asking for help before the news people found out she telling me she not alive she's dead she also telling me her parents kill her by drowning in the swimming pool that's why she had 2 abused marks around her neck that's why she was not wearing any shoes she wants leave but it's not time her go because she wants to know why her parents kill there own kid she needs answer & she wants be Found before she leave she's watching u every time she wants be found she wants her parents tell the real truth what happened to her that's all truth what I see & heard in my dreams even real life true story
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May 29, 2012