Sound Of Thy Heart

(These are not my words, only my voice)

you cannot hide i am that song
if you hear why be confused
am the sound of thy heart
i am the secret you cant hide
am the way you cant forget
i am in your thoughts like water drops
i melt and flow in you

what is this charade how long it is
days are restless
nights are heavy
as you stay far
i am lost in desert and you are the ocean
i travel the sphere
but you are my circle
where ever i go it will lead to you

you are my destinty
we will meet in the ground of hope
miles away from here
just you and me
beyound good and evil
we give reason
that we are in love
but there are non
we are meant to love each other
as we are one

since the beginning of time
lost in different spheres
so we travelled to center point
i was in your heart
and you where in mine
even before we met
so dont get confused if my voice surrounds you
its the voice of thy heart
i am the secret you cant hide
i am the way you cant forget
coz i am you
iam tied to you
as you are tied to me
its the sound of your heart
that led me to you

(written by soulndesire)
soulofstorm soulofstorm
Sep 14, 2012