I Am You

I wake up and I wake up with you
I eat and I eat with you
I sing and I sing for you
I walk and I walk with you
I sleep and I sleep with you

You maybe miles away
18 lifetimes away
Another dimension away
But you will always be with me
Because you are in me

Have faith that in all lifetmes...
That when you see me
You will notice the point of light just above my shoulder
When I see you
I will see the point of light deep in your eyes
When you hear my voice
You will hear a sweet melody that will make you quiver
When I hear your voice
I will hear a blast of a thunder that will make me shiver

You will remember me
As I remember you
You will never lose me
And I will never lose you

Because you are me
And I am you
soulofstorm soulofstorm
Sep 14, 2012