I found my soul mate, but I let him go.  I was young and sometimes I regret it but I know that God had a purpose for me and that if God really wanted me to be with him it will still happen and if not then I have what I have and I need to be happy with that. 

This guy was a great guy.  He was kind and gental and sweet.  He would never have said anything to hurt me nor would he have let anything hurt me.  If he would have known the reason that I told him to go he never would have left.  At the time I thought that I was not good enough for him.  I thought that he treated me too nice.  I could not let him love me because if he did then he would be getting a piece of garbage that he did not deserve.  So I pushed him away.  If I had only know then what I know now.

EP is like therapy for the heart.  Thank you.

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3 Responses Jul 8, 2008

I am coming along. Slowly but surly thank you. Honesty is my new policy. It has to be.

How sad and how touchingly honest. I hope you now think more of yourself than you did in your younger days.

I totally agree and I think that if it is ment to be that someday it will. I love my life and the way it is now and I am not sure I would be whom I was if I would have done anything differant.