Lust Love Or Soulmate

5yrs ago I wasnt the relationship type person. I ran from love, afraid of hurt. So when I met the "one" there was a feeling that I had to have him. Which for me turned out to me a one month fling. That I ended by ignoring his calls/texts. I saw him a few times after we said our hi and goodbyes.
Four years initially after we met it was my birthday that I was having with my sisters friend we share a birthday together. Turns out they are brother/sister. But the moment I saw him there was an magnetic pull a strong force that I couldnt turn off. Everytime we are together I get butterflies fireworks a magnatic force. He known me and I known him. A feeling that I belong there. Everytime we are away its feels like decades but reality maybe weeks or months. When I look into his eyes I feel that he loves me but he wont express it verbally. Maybe im lusting him or can he is my soulmate.
Lynnlew89 Lynnlew89
22-25, F
Nov 26, 2012