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Signs of a Soulmate

I found this and thought of sharing it with you , because its exactly what i felt about someone i met online

  • There is a powerful, instantaneous feeling that you have known the other before.
  • You felt an immediate and deep connection for one another.
  • There is an electrifying feeling between the two of you that words cannot describe.
  • The relationship is immediate, as though no time had been lost since you were last together.
  • It feels as though you had never really lived before the reunion occurred.
  • You feel a deep sense of sacredness and unity with God that you've have never known before.
  • It brings on feelings you never thought possible.
  • The two of you are inseparable.
  • When you look into each other's eyes, time and space have no meaning.
  • There are no barriers between the two of you. The relationship is a totally open one.
  • Your conversations seem to go on forever.
  • The two of you have a strong urge to serve humanity in a deep and meaningful way.
  • You give to the other and never think of receiving in return.
  • There is a special sacredness to your relationship that transcends anything you've ever experienced before.
  • You still have karma with your twin from previous lives, but the two of you resolve it all with total forgiveness and unconditional love.
  • Neither one of you are dependent on the other for your sense of self.
  • There is a strong sense of unlimited ness eternity to your feelings.
  • Your feelings for each other are very spiritual
  • There are no restrictions within the relationship. All is freedom without the need for ownership or control.
  • The two of you know without doubt that you have been brought together for a reason.
  • You do not compete with one another nor do you pretend to be other than who you are.
  • In spite of your sameness, there is no doubt you feel a sense of completion through the other.
  • Trust, patience and acceptance of each other's weaknesses happen automatically.
  • There is a great sense of purpose and meaning to the relationship.
  • Your sexuality with one another is a sacred act that celebrates the unconditional love have for one another.
  • The two of you become more and more one, without losing your individual identities.
  • When you look into the other's eyes, you see yourself.
  • You experience a sense of completeness that is without comparison.
  • The degree of intimacy and friendship the two of you develop is without parallel.
  • You recognize that the two of you are God mates.

There is no doubt that some of the symptoms described above are common to ALL soul mate relationships. What really sets the depth of the union apart from all the rest is the profound degree of completeness experienced and the overwhelming sense of spirituality unique to these partnerships. Two other powerful symptoms of spiritually mature souls is their powerful connection to God and their desire to serve humanity in some meaningful way.

There is also a very sacred sense of intimacy and feeling of divinely inspired wholeness that one finds within a deep soul mate relationship. It is not by accident nor is it without purpose. Rather, it is a magnificent and loving part of our Creator's plan for us. There is no doubt that the intensity behind the soul mate union is more than enough to jump start the journey that will lead us back to our Source, which will happen someday.

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I've never really believed in soulmates until I met my ex. Together 5 years, 1 child, but it didn't work out. I was crush and figured I would never find that spark again. Then I began online dating. I met one man after another for a year, dropping them all like bad habits for lack of a "spark".....then finally I met one guy...Steve, ugh just writing his name gives me butterflies. When he walked into the room, I lost my breath. My heart was in my throat the entire night. And when he asked to see me again, I thought I died and went to heaven. He called me everyday....sometimes 3 times a day and when we weren't talking, we were texting. Our second date, he came to my house (which I never do with online matches) but for some reason, I felt comfortable with him being in my space. We watched movies, talked and eventually we fell asleep together on my couch. It was so natural for me. We woke up in the middle of the night and went into my bed and he held me all night while we slept....but I didn't sleep a wink. When he woke up, he finally kissed me and I swear I felt something wake up inside me thatIl I thought was lost forever after my last relationship ended. The calls continued, the texts continued and the third date, he picked up dinner and came back to my house. We ate, watched a movie, laughed and agreed that he would spend the night again. But a week later, the calls became fewer and the texts slowed and finally I asked him what was going on. He told me he wasn't over his divorce and he wasn't ready to fall for someone again and that he couldn't drag me into his emotional Rollercoaster....I felt like someone knocked the wind out of me. I can't explain why I was so crushed.....I never had a problem dropping a guy I'd met online. But there was something here and he agreed he had felt it too, but said he needed time to "figure himself out". Today is the first day I haven't heard from him at all....and it's been a rough day. My friend sent me a link to this site and I had to share.

I told Steve "if it's fate, then he will find his way back in some way. If it's meant to happen and he felt that "pull" as intensely as I did, then we would cross paths again someday". I told him I would always been here for him and that I understood where he was at this point in his life. As much as it hurt to let him go....I have to believe that fate will take over and lead me to my soulmate. Maybe Steve was a lesson and not a soulmate....maybe I just needed someone to show me that I was still capable of falling for someone again after my ex. He woke something up inside me that I had long believed was dead. And for that, I thank him. I'm still capable of love and being loved. If Steve never enters my life again, I know someone will....because I have a lot of love to give :-)

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It sounds nice, but does it last? Most people pretend they are soulmates. Especially the psychopaths. I always have a hard time distinguishing the real ones from the fakes.
Instant connection and chemistry... yeah... I've had that... but it didn't mean I fell in love with them instantly. It must be karma, or people from past lives, but not everyone believes in this kind of stuff. They usually go away as they have come, instantly.
I met someone and my life changed. It was an instant connection, even seeing their eyes searching mine in a crowd. It was like we were connected by an invisible thread. We felt pulled to each other and surprisingly, we also had a mental connection, not just an emotional one. We usually finished each other's sentences and we knew that we were on the same wavelength. We could sense each other from afar, we were extremely aware of each other. This was elating until the emotions came in. At the time, none of us was prepared to welcome it. We are both extremely moody people. I was extremely empathic and could feel their sadness.I had no idea how to manage the extra-emotions. They just kept coming and I felt overwhelmed. Once, they were sick and had to stay in bed and I felt restless all day without knowing about it. Later, when I found out, it all made sense to me. When they had a bad day, I could feel it in my gut. When they were happy, I was happy. Unfortunately, in the end, our past obligations prevailed, which says a lot about the deep social conditioning we've both had. I still happen to have dreams about this person and whenever I think about them I feel happy and energized. I know the same goes for them. Soulmate is a nice word, not necessarily pertaining to a romantic relationship.

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I believe in soulmates.. I had a boyfriend two years ago. We were happy. We rarely fight. But years later I just felt that I am falling out of love. We decided to stop seeing each other. Worried that I might've made a wrong decision I talked to my friends and asked for an advice. One of my friends told me that she'll introduce me to her boyfriend's officemate. I was hesitant. I was not looking for someone. That night the guy (her bf's officemate) messaged me in facebook and asked me for my cellphone number. I didn't give him. But I dreamed of him so I decided to give him my number the next morning. Since then on we didn't stop texting and messaging each other. It seemed like we are long lost friends. We talked about everything. I felt like I've bonded with someone I've known for a long time. There was a connection. Until we finally met face to face. That feeling seeing him for the first time was priceless. It was amazing and I perfectly knew that I have found the one I was looking for. I've never felt as comfortable with him than with anybody else I've been with. Now, we are together for almost 2 years already. Happy and inlove. And we both agreed that we have found our soulmates.

i started working at a new job and as i was walking and carrying a heavy box i heard a man behind me ask can i help you carry that and i turned around and i looked up into his face and our eyes met and time stood still and it was just us two right then and there and i felt like i knew him forever the connection was there it was so strong i felt he could be my soulmate after a few weeks of getting to know him i found out he is engaged to be married i remember that day i cried so badly my heart was breaking i was a mess i was at work but i couldn't function at all i was in a daze and my heart was bleeding so bad that the man i met and i felt was my soulmate is already taken and i can't do anything i tried my best to forget and keep my distance the more he was around me and talked to me the more i fell for him eventually he got married and that night i cried myself to sleep and i told myself it is okay it's going to be okay he is happy he was never meant to be yours although he might have been your soulmate so here i am now still healing my broken heart i still see him everyday and he is happily married and i keep my distance but at nights i dream of him and there isn't one night that i don't dream of him it became so bad that i see him and his wife together in my dream happy and i walk away and start crying that when i really wake up i have tears streaming down my face and i can't stop crying because nothing can make me forget him and i can't stop loving him i really tried it doesn't get easier when u see him everyday the feelings are still there stronger than ever but you know there is nothing you can do but try to move on

at this party and i saw this guy, i never talked to him because i was to shy, but now i cant stop thinking about him. I do not know if he even saw me but i have this desire to write to him. I do not know if it is just me that make up the idear about him or what it is...

I first saw this girl when i was 10 she was 10 soon as i saw her i fell for her even at the age of 10 i just couldnt stop thinking about her we never spoke both to shy ..i didnt see her again for about 2 years and when i did i just couldn't take my eyes off her but still we were to shy to talk to each other ..3 years later i met her again on my 15th birthday got the courage to try and speak to her and wat do u know im now married and have five children with her we both now 30 , i believe in love at first sight i never stopped thinking about her from the age of 10 to 15 and now were together and it turns out she always felt the same as well yes i think everybody has a soul mate its just a matter of waiting for ur time to meet

I never really believed in love at first sight and i honestly still dont know if i do.
Well it started like this
First day of being a senior and i went to class normally
I decided to sit next to this boy, at first i hesitated cause i didnt know him but i still did anyways i tried looking at his face to see if i knew him but he was kinda turned and had his hands in his chin while using his phone. Days pass and i still dont look at him so i try to stare with the corner of my eye but he never looks up always having his phone and avoiding eye contact.
Weeks pass On and i actually start to find him attractive even when im in my other classes i think of him and get this feeling but i still havent spoken to him so one day i decide to ask him something about the homework but the weird thing is that i caint find the courouge to do so
I was so nervous my hands started to sweat and no words would come out i felt like i was about to have some type of attack so after what seemed like forever i tapped his shoulder and he turned his head so damn fast i though he was about to crack his neck but he kept his eyes low always looking at my paper i was still sooo nervous and my pencil somehow flyes of my hand but i managed to speak to him.
Anyways the next day the teacher decides to change our seats and i end up being in the front of the class
So when i get up to move he finally makes eye contact with me for just a second but it felt so weird like it was the longest second ever Idk i got this feeling in my stomach
and thats not all a couple of days ago i was just doing my work and i felt this thing in my stomach like butterflies i guess but just a little bit more like a force Some type of force i dont know how to explain but soon i turned around and i see him looking at me but then he looks away shyly as if he wasnt staring
i turn and feel like crying cause I was so excited but scared at the same time ive actually never felt something like that even tho ive had like 1000 crushes on different people but never something like this im constantly thinking about him it nothing sexual or physical it feels like something more idk
Is this just a crush or what please replyyyy if your reading this 😭

I hope that one day every1 would meet or find their soulmate. It is Truely an wonderful & Amazing & Unbelieveable Experience.. Much love ..


Awwww i want a soul mate

It is all REAL, I've experienced it myself,

I Looked into my soulmates eyes & then boom, Time stopped, I saw flying magical photos in the air & then I saw magnetic energy come out of my body drawing me closer to her. It all felt like i have been searching for her for an eternity . My REAL LIFE Soulmate experiences. :)


I know that soulmates are real!! Everything you described is 100% accurate for me and my soulmate. We met when I was 16 and he was 18. The instant our eyes locked we both knew we would never be the same. Timing was not on our side for a very long time. We went our separate ways, but for the last 10 years we have unknowingly been living very parallel lives with spouses who both have brain injuries and are no longer the people we married. My soulmate and I caught up with each other a few months ago and it was like we had never been apart. We've always loved one another and now we are going to be together. It's like nothing has ever changed between us. The chemistry is crazy, we can read each other's thoughts and have goals that we know we can reach by working together. I am so excited for our lives to truly get started walking hand in hand together.

As someone who has found my true and honest soulmate, I could not agree more with your description for "signs of a soulmate." Together we have this drive, this purpose, this bond that truly transcends all else. I most ardently believe in soulmates and hope that every single person, in some life, finds theirs. Because it is truly the most beautiful thing in the world.

Okay i totally believe in soul mates but i have no clue if this is guy is mine. I got his number four days ago and we texted we live in the same town, etc. Me and him had an instant connection it was wierd but cool. Me and him have these realistic dreams and they mean something, our dreams tie together perfectally. We make each other happy and talk all the time now. I want to meet him soon and he said if we are soul mates we would feel some sort of spark. Is that true? Please some one reply:)

If he was your soulmate, you would feel your powerful spirit energy dragging you closer to him, if he is standing in front of you.

Oh yea

I really want to believe in soul mates, but is it real, and what if you do not find your soul mate? I have this big which that i do but it sounds like magic and does that exist? hope that someone will answer.
Love the confused girl :)

Soulmates are Real, and if there is magic involved that is too Amazing to believe, then they are your True Soulmate.

Wow, thats sounds amazing and beautiful I really hope I find my soulmate in the future. I really believe in them. <3

I hope you do too. Meeting your soulmate for the first time is the most Amazing experience you could ever have.

Omg, I believe your story, especially the ''electrifying feeling between the two of you that words cannot describe.'' I dated this guy a year ago, and the moment i saw him, i knew he was the one. It felt like i knew him from somewhere before. I can even communicate with him through my mind and he does the same too. We dream the same dreams, sometimes in the same night. Right now we not together because life got the way but we will soon. I went to a Pastor, and a dream intepreter and they told me those dreams mean that we are fate to be together, i told him and he went to another pastor and they him the same thing. I have been with other guys before him and they were all about sex but this guy is the opposite, we dont even consider sex like that. It's just the best feel ever!

Hi Lovers !Thanks for sharing your superspecial stories.<br />
I admit experiencing every single word and even beyond of it with two men.<br />
Spiritually our thinner bodies or spirits merge in a kind of purpose of dissolving the walls,resistance and anger,jelousy,fight all old fashioned believes.And when harmony cames there is nothing than a transparency and a nameless friendship anymore.<br />
But what I have observed is that usually males are the ones adjusting easily and finding new mates when females remain attached and emotionally very hungry ,dependable and most of the time frustrated in pain.Which tells me that we should be very careful and consious when opening our the most vulnarable parts not to vitimize/parlize our inner selves and let our vital energies be consumed. <br />
For further talks do not hesitate to contact .Kind regards.Dr Salieva

Last year, I met some guy online & it was amazing how we had soooo much in common & how easy it was to understand ourselves, it even scared me at some point, not to mention how we could chat for a whole day, like literally... Plus one time I discovered a song from the 90s, then a few days later he posted it on Facebook, we tried to meet in real life twice but to no avail....

Here's the heartbreaking part, a few weeks back, he told me he met someone & we should cease all forms of communication since it's not possible for us to meet right now plus it'll be awkward chatting to me and seeing someone else, though he hasn't deleted or blocked me yet or anything of that sort...

What I don't get is the dreams i've been having about us, plus it feels like half of me is lost, I feel so empty right now & this is terribly weird since I haven't met him before... Is he my soulmate? Because i've done everything possible to move on but it's just not working, 1st time in my whole life since I felt this way for anyone... What should I do? I need help please.... I need this pain to go away lest I might loose myself....

I spent 22 years trying to move on and it never really worked. There was not a day/week/month that I didn't think about my soulmate. I dreamed about him all the time, prayed for him to be happy, etc. Now I know he did the same for me. It's easy to think that we both should have just done anything we could to be together and that we wasted all that time apart, but what we've learned is that timing is everything. We both have done a lot of growing up, and we've experienced what we don't want in a relationship. NOW we are ready for each other. We won't mess things up and we'll be happy together forever. We also won't take our relationship for granted because we have both longed for each other all these years. We weren't ready for the intensity of our relationship when we were younger, but now we are.

It's not easy to be away from your other half, but sometimes God, the Universe, whatever... knows better than we do.

You have to meet a person face to face to find out if they are your soulmate. your soul can feel them if they are near

hey jasmine I'm in a similar sort of situation.. its insane! Have you moved on? If so how long did it take? Do you still think about it? Sorry for all the questions, I really need help as I feel as though Ive lost myself :( ...

I'd never really felt it before. That deep connection that can't be explained. But when I met my friend last year I felt nervous (I don't do nervous). I felt like I was telling him all about me without even speaking and that scared me but we couldn't ignore the 'spark' and we connected one day and it started from there. He's the male version of me and he gets me and our moods are similar.

We are in different times of our lifes, I'm married with two kids and he's single and happy about it. I love my husband and that won't change but I've spent the last 6 months confused and constantly thinking that I'm a bad person for wanting to spend time with my friend and for having feelings that I shouldn't be feeling.

There is even this flirty, intensity to our relationship that can't be explained. I don't spend my whole time dreaming about being with him but I enjoy spending time with him but its made complicated because we work together.

I like this story,
real from the heart!

Hi there ,
my name is SACH,
feel free to enjoy my content;
I entertain intently with humour and Life insight

it was 4 years ago, i was a on my way home that night. i was riding a public transportation called jeepney here in the Philippines when i'd met this guy. he was walking alone in the side walk, with the help of poles i see his face clearly it was never a plan but our eyes accidentally meet. i'd never really believed in love at first sight because i've never experience it before, but the weird thing is after that simple eyed contact it changes my beliefs in it. the experience for me was totally weird but not in a bad way,it was like when i was staring back at him i feel like everything slows down, like everything falls to silent and the distance between us wasn't a problem at all,at that moment i can't even tell if i'm still breathing or not even my own heart beat or the sound of the busy street. the only thing i know was i can't lose my focus on those eyes, i feel like i could stare at those eyes forever. and somehow it kinda find its way in me,even after that incident and as te years pass by. sometimes it made me wish that i could see that guy again and i even miss him, i'd never experience this thing before and i'm really new at this.

I found my soulmate... I had was seeing a guy and it had just ended and when my friend asked me if I was sad I said no, because I felt like the love of my life was coming. A few days later, walking down the street with my friend, I looked up and the most beautiful man I've ever seen was walking towards us with his friend, staring intensely at me. When I looked at him time stopped, I just looked into his eyes and knew it was him, the one I'd felt coming and I know he felt the same. We carried on walking, but kept looking back at one another and after a minute I beckoned him and his friend over. All of us then went to a local cafe and smoked a shisha... The man doesn't speak any English, I don't speak any Arabic, but the connection was amazing. The following nights, all 4 of us went out and somehow, I always knew what he was saying to his friend, even though I don't speak any Arabic... It was like our brains were totally connected. After a few days I learned that he had to go back to Iraq and that he probably wouldn't be coming back - when I found out, I cried. Now he's traveling the world as he's an athlete but I think of him every day and I pray that one day there'll be a facebook message from him telling me that he's coming back to Spain (where we met and where I still live) and that we will be together. I recently got with someone else, and the relationship was really good, but when I saw a guy in the street who looked exactly like the Iraqi, it was too much of an emotional experience; I burst into tears and knew there and then that my current relationship would never substitute what the Iraqi and I could have had and it ended a week later. This man is incredible, he's the most beautiful and precious creature I have ever seen/known and even though we probably won't ever be together, I still think back to those days we had and I'm just glad that I met him at all. xxx

Everyone here should watch CLOUD ATLAS same directors as the matrix great movie and concept that may be hollywood hinting at our true origins. String theory really isn't too hard to fathom and once you understand this you will understand so much more.

This sounds beautiful and inspirational. Unfortunately, few people reunite with their soul mates.

This is one of the best and most insightful stories I have ever read here at EP. Thank you for sharing this with us my friend.

i felt a feeling once in the waking world, id often experience in my dreams. in my dreams i'd encounter my soulmate, she'd have a different face and a different name, but her soul was always the same, the same feeling, the same warmth, the same oneness and completeness of hearts meshing, an emotional clasping of hands if you will. i was on a day trip to a santacruz and could feel her somewhere close by, my heart was going to explode, i wanted to scream asloud as i could, to make a scene so she could pin point my location, but i had to behave because i was with my dad and uncle (dude's night out on the town). i feel like this soulemate is a woman, but sex isnt the thing, she could be married, and that would be fine, it feels like we've always been close in all our lives as either, siblings, relatives, or spouses. married or not i need to find this person, so i can carry the @#$k on. a part of me out there and i can feel it. perhaps we were together in the recent past, and i reincarnated in the late 80's she could 20-40-60 years older than me, but i know we're the same age. i doubt i make any since, but i know what i mean, and so does she. until we meet again, until we meet again. Matilda maybe? i dont know.

Well written!

Yes exactly... oh if I may state that the "eletrical feeling " feels like a '******' so strong it usually hurts (love hurts) . THAT is how you know its a deep conncetion. If its real you'll be going through it the love for you mate feels peacefull. Depending on your arously ;)