My Definition of Soulmates

They are the ones who hear your emotions and feelings behind the words you say.

They are the ones you don't have to explain what you feel the moment you listen to beautiful music, you don't have to tell WHY you liked the book or movie..THEY know it...

They are the ones who read your mood and feelings even from emails...

MariaKristine MariaKristine
26-30, F
3 Responses Feb 9, 2009

i wish i knew where mine were at...hmmm well i must say i do have beautiful guardian in my life almost at all times so with that im very fortunate ..i just have to stop looking for my lsoulmate of love ..cause i dont think im getting that one anytime soon or in this life anyway..oh well..peace

I would have agreed with your opinion JerseyBlues years ago but in my life it has changed. life proofed that you can actually meet that person and I don't think in no way it can lead to serious disaster.<br />
We don't expect to be each others cure for all or anything like it. But we do share all and the fact that she is exist make me feel complete. I guess our energies are in great balance. We know each other for long years and we have had our dissapoinments but exactly then it made me realised how much you need your soulmate. It just feels like a cirle that without that person would not complete. you kind of physically need to talk and be together time to time or you feel like thirst in you...<br />
Well I guess I wrote it very chaotic, dont know if it made much sense..

Wow, I agree. I call my soulmate "for your eyes only"