The Need

You are the breeze that

kisses my face tenderly,

fills my space with your scent

swings the flowers with your rapture.

Because of you, I am sensitive.


I am the wind that

sweeps the loneliness of your days,

knocks down the towers of your anguish

blows away the bad from your heart.

Because of me, you are visible.


You are the rain that

floods my heart and soul

fertilizes my sterile ground

free me from empty prisons.

Because of you, I flourish.


I am the fire that

cooks your hope in gentle fire,

Illuminates your sad days

heats up your winter nights.

Because of me, you are radiant.


You and me,

two halves that are needed

and when together, we are

in a completely indivisible stage.

As soulmates forever...

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10 Responses Feb 11, 2010

I would LOVE to hear what your "soulmate" has to say about that.<br />
I'd hate to say how many times the woman goes on about it like<br />
this when the GUY is about ready to LEAVE.<br />
Women haven't a clue.

Love this princess. Unbreakable connection. I so get that. Love it.;-)

Two halves... hmmm...

I believe too.

That's beautiful Princess. Such meaningful connections of true soulmates.

Amazing words princess!!

I believe there is someone for everyone.<br />
beautiful poem.

So beautifully makes me think of someone own soulmate...

very well written, really nice.....

beautiful words..X lucky person..