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I don't know what it is but I just love the idea of spanking a girl. And not just a few slaps to the *** while having sex but an actually spanking. My current girlfriend I don't think is into this, I just hope that some day I can find a girl who wants me to spank her and wants to spank me then I will be happy.
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3 Responses Jan 19, 2013

I would suggest that you ask your current girl friend to spank you, saying it's a real turn on before sex. Tell her to lay it on hard with a hairbrush or small paddle. I bet she'll love the idea of being in control of you. Tell her you want to cry and not to go easy. Then it's easy to transition to her over your knee too.
Let me know how it works out. Remember to go slow in laying out the fantasy of a girl spanking you---it will turn you on too.

are you currently in a relationship? what exactly turns you on about spanking and being spanked?

I have a girlfriend right now and I know she like being spanked during sex but I'm not sure if she likes spanking the way I do. We haven't been together too long so I'm still getting to know her. I guess what I like about spanking is the sounds and feel of spanking a girls bare ***, I think it looks really hot when a girl has a nice red bum and it just makes me want to **** her so hard afterwards.

They are out there. Don't settle with one who isn't into it.