I Am A Firm Believer In Spanking

I was raised by my grandparents who were Primitive Baptist Christians and they absolutely believed in using using corporal punishment with out hesitation. So I personally can vouch for the effectiveness and the lessons taught as they were not easy!!
I have been a Disciplinarian for quite a few years and have seen many many changes in the women I spank. I have worked with co-eds to ladies older than my self. Each are different but one thing in common is that a good bare bottom spanking can be directed towards the problems and situations. Sometimes it takes a program of spankings to satisfy the conscious.

Some is just adjusting their attitude. procrastination, being focused, releasing stress or satisfying the need to get rid of guilt. But those are the most common. There are other problems and needs to become addressed for each woman is unique. The real issue is to address the problem and attach it to the spankings for a better result.

I understand (special) feelings of some women who have needed spankings from a long time.

I am really into the results from the spankings and the changes which has developed. Spanking has to be good enough to be effective and It works for those who will accept it.
I am in Columbus Ohio,if I may help you.

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So if your attitude needs "adjusting," who spanks YOU?

Or do you only dish out the grown-up spankings rather than take them just because you are a man and bigger and stronger?

I never force an adjustment spanking. Women come to me for "help" to get back on track. When we discuss and find an adjustment is needed.......then I spank.