25+ Dreams With Jb

I don't mean to have them. she shows up and wants to socialize sometimes. She was one of the first people I started with my "Source"ery on so she got to experience feeling how much I thought I needed to care for her. This energy is transferred remotely and is quite effective if a "Bond" has been formed as I covered in my post about Natasha Bedingfield. I don't want to condemn her marriage to him as it is expected to take place soon as I read a few months ago. She's quite receptive to emotional energy and feedback and adapts as she thinks she needs to to be a better person. I never would have projected to her except I heard someone say (after I rolled numbers using an electronic device to roll how she might answer a question if she were present). I heard about this "bond" through whatever spirit communicated it to me, and that's why I decided to take advantage of the situation to use an electronic device to interview her. Sounds weird but the emotional response can pull electrons to a particular direction to influence a random number towards a high or low number, once the parameters have been set to determine where a positive or negative response should fall within the numbers. Call it crazy but I know it's viable if you have a belief in it and are doing multiple rolls for 1 question. Any ways I got done with the "interview" I staged to learn more about her and then decided to do something else. I didn't want to project my energy into her because I don't like to do that to women I'm not in a relationship with as a general rule but then some spirit said "without your love, she will die". There is a long story to this. Any ways, I pushed my energy into her, communicated what I could with how I could feel about her emotionally if she were mine. If it's good validation, women need this sometime, and intelligent women can feel and recognize this stuff, I don't care what any one says. I know it works. If you don't believe me, I had a "bond" with another woman and I sent a ton of energy and passion to her while I was watching a presentation (we weren't dating at the time) and after the presentation she was on me like root on an aging potato.

Women feel first, logic second. Any ways I don't care what anyone tells you, Jessica is very receptive to this type of energy. This occurred about 14 months ago.

Any ways I wanted to have a final post about her to give my thoughts on that statement given to me. I believe it's played itself out and I've explained it in another post. I don't think that Justin is the right match up for her, though. I don't know if he wants things about himself to be Godlike other than his Golf Swing. She wants a man that feels passion for her and he can't generate much of that, unfortunately. If he healed his old philosophies that don't add enrichment to romance he may do better but you have to realize Jessica Biel isn't content with a guy that isn't exalted if she has a chance at one and he's interested she'd jump Justin's ship very fast. The whole point is in eternity you have the full math revealed as to who you meet matches up best and why and although they both are quite talented, Justin won't bring her to her best performance. It's not in his nature. He'll marry her and then sit on it and watch it go no where. He doesn't have the hunger to feel for her with a passion. She's experienced passion and she wants it but is marrying someone she can't get it from. He's not designed to feel passion to the measure she wants to feel it. Men can't stomach pursuing someone they have no bond with anymore and guys that look for a woman of dignity won't find it appealing to get with a woman that married Justin Timberlake because of his reputation with the women because they're smart to realize she put up with him and his wandering eye. That's a sign that she has low expectations of men and thinks getting with him will be fun enough to last. She's designed to be more sophisticated than that so if she follows through with the marriage it'll explode like a poorly stitched bean bag does when someone throws it on the ground. Unfortunately, she has been making some adult decisions with him recently that don't appeal to men of real class and dignity.

Any ways, It's not a good idea for them to get married. If she decides to go through with it it'll last up to a few months with out major turbulence. I can't see it lasting more than a few years. She already knows in her heart that the math isn't there so I don't admire her if she goes through with it.

I had a dream where she was accusing me of cheating on her. I was in my old house in California and I was on her left. Her argument was that she didn't cheat but that I cheated. How? we've never been together, so I thought it was a weird belief but because It was a very vivid dream I figured I could milk her subconscious to hear her real argument but the dream ended. We get pulled from situations where out consciousness could gain access to more personal knowledge about another person without having equal ground for discussion like in our conscious state. She shut down at the thought of anyone but me being responsible for our broken "bond", and just couldn't compute that anyone else was responsible but me. She refuses at a deep level to ever be recognized as one who falls into that category as being a bond breaker.

I haven't done anything that's close enough to bond breaking since I was a young teenager and I'm only a few months younger than JB.

Any ways, none of this really matters but it will be interesting if I can put the math together and have the details answered.

update 5-11-2012
Yesterday I when I was nearly asleep I asked her subconscious how many men she's had sex with and the number she told me was 8. I asked her this just so if she ever felt like pursuing me. I get concerned when she gets frantic about something in her life and sounds off about them when I sleep. I mentioned to her that she either needs to leave me alone or help me out. I asked if she wants to help me out and she said no. There's no need for her to be frantic when I've already mailed her and she has my address and contact information. I told her that because it's silly that she gets so frantic with me in her heart and yet she could have called or wrote me so long ago. Women don't like to associate with men very often that they don't think they have any leverage to win as a lover. Either that or she has reviewed some of my content and doesn't like it.

Any ways Bradley Cooper doesn't like the statement "without your love, she will die". If someone Godlike uttered it to me it will come true. If she doesn't accept the help I can offer her she will die. I don't want this statement to come true but if she's in dire need maybe she'll consider it.
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May 10, 2012