We All Have One Beside Us

We all have a spirit of ourselves beside us. My spirit is called Angeline, she is me but in a spirit form and wears different clothes. We are able to see them at a certain age but only Supernatural beings are able to see them, im a werewolf and dont say they dont exist because they do and Im not lying! I am real not a wonabe fake! As i was saying I am able to see them when Im 20+ years. There are ways of seeing them faster but they are difficult to preform. They can also change into animals, I can ask my spirit to change into my Wolf whenever I want to. But they can leave us if we tell any mortals. This is all true and this is my first story so please dont put any negative comments saying that im lying and im a fake because im not and their are many others that would agree with me.
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Jan 6, 2013