Yes I Do

well i do believe in them, years a go i was working with them and learning from them was not sure what that all ment. then i went along with life now that i am older i see my many paths have lead me back to were i was and am now opening up to them, and looking forward to the things they are going to show me. life is and adventure.
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1 Response May 14, 2012

Wow this is awesome i hope to pay more attention to my guides... But depression keeps me blocked at times its truly crushing. How did u contact your guides? I try through meditation and i talk to them a lot. Lucky the people who actully see them. Im trying Astral travel these days to have s greater connection but so far very very insuccesful. After yrs of neglect from a spiritual life i hope my guides didnt forget me now that i need them the most and so urgently in my life. I have some very important things to do and im sooo blocked right now. I need some heavy duty celestial INTERVENTION.., lol... Not just fall asleep whrn i try to meditate or contact the other side