What Does Your Idea Of Heaven Look Like?

I'm not afraid to admit that I'm not a religious person. But that doesn't make me a 'bad' person, because I firmly believe in the basic tenets that are part of most religions: love and respect one another are right at the top of my list. I take issue with anyone who truly believes that there's some seat next to God waiting for us when we kick the bucket IF we do good things while we're 'down here'. Sorry, I just can't buy that...
And I'll tell you why: I believe right here, right now, in THIS reality, is where heaven is. Heaven is comprised of multitudes of people who believe in the power of love as the ultimate antidote to whatever may be plaguing us (which more often than not is being inflicted upon us by ourselves, not the living earth). Heaven is comprised of a teeming intimately and intricately woven system of life where there is constant interplay and intermingling of everything that lives here, and that when we learn to move mindfully through this world we minimize the negative impact we have on each other and the living system as a whole. Heaven is a place where people live more from their hearts and less from their heads, because people here recognize that there is no 'them' and there is no 'there'. EVERYONE and EVERYTHING is right here, and it's all a reflection of what is going on in our minds. There's no competition, there's only cooperation because people know that what they do for others they do for themselves. We take from nature only what we need, we give back to nature what nourishes more life, we work with and honor and respect the forces of nature and do what we can to sustain the living systems that sustains us. Everyone in my idea of heaven truly IS created equal, everyone has an intrinsic gift that they are meant to share with the world to bring about more healing, more joy, more fascination with this grand parade of life. No one fears death in my heaven; we all signed up to experience life for a finite period of time knowing that when it comes to an end, the mortal coil (our physical bodies) in turn feed a living system that sustained us while we were here. No doubt we humans are an intelligent lot, but we sure do a lot of things that defy and deny our intelligence, declaring war and generating pollution (both mental and physical) among them.
This is my heaven. This is OUR heaven. Right here, right now. I have this deep seated belief that the God who created the world is alive and well within me, and that I am here to do God's work. God's work isn't hard, it won't kill us. God's work is simple. This work is to actualize our love, to make it real, right here. To see the God that resides behind every eye we look into, to recognize that every moment in this body is a gift, that everything we do should help to brighten the world. And if you happen to forget why you're here every now and then, it's okay, because eventually you'll recognize that the joy and satisfaction that comes from helping others and helping the planet feels so good that it becomes addictive. The joy and satisfaction that comes from knowing that you're making this world a better place while you're in it is living God's greatest wish for you and for everyone who walks here with you.
The world is waking up right now. There are things going on that feel chaotic and worrisome and dark. But just like a caterpillar undergoing metamorphosis it only looks that way on the surface. The magic is happening inside, just the way a rose opens in the warmth of a summer morning. Every day more people are recognizing that heaven isn't something to strive for, it exists right here in this very moment, in this very breath. Time to rejoice, don't you think?
VTMarkus VTMarkus
46-50, M
Dec 3, 2012