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Spirituality can mean a number of different things while religion denotes following a set of beliefs outlined in some way. My husband used to hate when people would say 'I'm not religious, I'm spiritual' but now he understands how I feel about it and why that can be a strong thing to say rather than just out of ignorance. Organized religion is ruining our world and indoctrinating our youth with religion is ridiculous with all the information we have available to us nowadays. People should be able to believe whatever they feel to be truth whether it's outlined in a book that may or may not have been inspired by the word of "god" or if it's along the lines of ancient Indian traditions or goes back to folk traditions of early farmers and those close to nature or those being polytheistic taking time to tribute each of their gods. It is so sad that we have so much access to knowledge and people choose to blindly follow something they only partly understand. I don't understand how anyone can claim to believe something and follow their path without knowing full well what they are into as well as several opposing things as well. Those that have researched and still believe whatever it may be have my utmost respect, but I find very few that still believe anything and are often atheist or non religious by nature. It's so sad to me that people will choose to be sheep and not even take the time to figure out if what they believe is fact, rather they blindly follow for fear of losing their faith and never feel that sense of accomplishment that comes with actually knowing something to be true.

I'm a spiritual person. I believe all living things possess an energy that can be manifested in different ways for different people. That's why herbs can be healing and aromatherapy can be soothing. I believe there may be something after we die, but if there is I'll figure it out then because there's no way I could possibly know now and it's highly doubtful to me that there's one entity that happens to be in charge and/or created all. To me reincarnation seems the most likely because energy never dies, it's just changes form. Or perhaps our consciousness is just gone and our bodies rot in the ground. Not that any of it matters because what we should all be focused on is how we live our lives now and bettering it for ourselves and those around us. As long as you're a good person and do the best you can for your family and children and everything else in this beautiful world we're blessed to find existence in, there's little else that really matters to me.

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I agree with all of this. From the idea if spirituality over organized religion to the belief of reincarnation.