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Had such a strong spiritual connection with someone that God seems to ordain as part of your three-strand spiritual walk? I have had an experience like that and I will share it with you now.Back in November of 2000, during conversations within an online support group I was a part of, a friend introduced me to another "user" of the chat room who was really going through some spiritual struggles as well as emotional struggles with raising her special needs child. We formed a very strong friendship and would talk regularly on the phone as well as instant messenger for quite a while; up until we finally met face-to-face in October of 2006. It had been something we talked about, but up until that point, never happened. Anyway, back on track. She had come here to find a new life for herself and her daughter shortly after Hurricane Katrina. Herself and her daughter stayed with me and my family until they got themselves established and during that three to four week time frame is when things started happening. We were already very close so it was easy to have her stay for a bit. After the children would go to bed we would stay up for hours just talking about nothing, talking about our faith, etc. At that point, I shared my testimony with her. That was also the night that all the lights in the living room were turned off and the house was dark and the lights came on by themselves. I am still convinced that it was God with us at that point and filling us with His presence. That was also the night that we were talking while sitting on the living room floor and I'm still not sure how it happened, but I had a whisper to tickle her, so I did. I think that is in part of the origin of my user name; because we didn't use it as a sexual ploy as many people do, we didn't do it for sexual pleasure, but as a means of therapy and found that it was as much needed for her as it was for me. My friend, has since moved back to Central Texas and I do miss her greatly, but sometimes, when God calls us to mentor, that relationship stays with us forever. Thank you for listening if you have made it this far.
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Wow... that was truly a beautiful experience.