Nemo My Dream Cat

NEMO  was my dream cat.  I had a dream of a super large kitten coming out of my father's room who had passed away recently.  I searched  adoption websites but never could find the one.  A year later, on my birthday  a stray kitten was at my door and looked like my dream cat.  I named him NEMO because he found me. 

May 26, 2010 six years later Nemo was hit by a car and died. I was completely heartbroken.  I was sure I would see him again in heaven or whatever you want to call it.  A week after Nemo died I had the second dream.  I heard a cat meowing and I ran outside and saw him.  I started shouting  it's a miracle my Nemo back. I gave him a million hugs and kisses.  I woke up and I felt like I really had held him.  I knew I had to adopt  from a high kill shelter to save a life in Nemo's memory.  I was looking  at all the orange tabbies and there were hundreds over the days. I wanted to wait but one kept my attention for l0 days. The shelter rescue group who run the websites took his number down and gave him a name.  It was Samson. I had a German shepherd named SAMSON who saved my life over thirty years ago.  I raced to the shelter and adopted Samson.  He looks so much more like Nemo than his pix indicated and his personality is very similar.  I know that was a wink from God. Today  something  completely unbelievable happened.  My husband received an activation number for a electronic gadget for the TV and the number is 166NEMO!!!! The name was a big  enough shock but the real shocker is that NEMO died on 166th St.  The odds of that happening must be infinite.  I KNOW THAT IS  A SIGN/WINK FROM GOD THAT NEMO IS IN HIS HANDS.   7/12/10
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Thank you, angsty, for your comment and great story. I know exactly what you mean. That stuffed kitty was a sign of Pookie coming soon into your life. Even now I still have an ache in my heart for Nemo. Almost everyday I see the spot where he was killed and it still hurts. It's six months now and I still get choke up when I think about him. I really miss him. I was very lucky to adopt two adorable kittens in late June. I love my two new kittens Samson and Byson. It's wonderful that Pookie found his way into your life. My kitties knocked my tree down last night and I have to fix all the decorations again LOL but that's what my Nemo used to do so I guess it sort of like old times for Christmas. Blessing, peace, and Merry Christmas Rosey

this story brings me back to when I lost my beloved dog sparky aftert 16 years

awsome story. that 166nemo part has to be some sort of message.

That's beautiful! Not just the story but you associating a synchronistic event and a wink or sign from God. I agree with you. Angels send messages and messengers, sounds like you got a kitty that was both:)<br />
I made a video about 2 special kittys Lily and Daisy, you might like it. I don't suppose I can put links here so I will say you can youtube the term 'playful kittens with dog audience'<br />
Have a blessed day:)<br />