My Lost Brother

When I was 10, my half brother and myself were separated. The story goes that after my parents divorced, my mom remarried and left my brother, half brother, Peter and myself with my grandmother while she went on honeymoon. I remember being with my grandmother at this time and at some point, my cousin, 2oyrs older than myself came to my gran and told her she was taking Peter, which she did and brought him up as her own. My mom told me yrs later that she did nothing about this as she did not want to have her own niece in prison.

My dad moves my brother and myself further away from the family and occasionally I would see Peter but that too stopped and for years i wondered where he was and asked but no one would tell me.

31 years later my brother told me that a friend of his had invited him to a braai ( BBQ ) and also his neighbor. little did this neighbor or my brother know that they were brothers. That night Peter got drunk, fell and as my brother Alan tried to help him, he felt what felt like an electric shock.

Well, about a week later Alan tells me he may have found peter and I collapsed on the sofa and cried. Alan could not remember where this house was but I asked him to give me a description of the area and I wud knock on every door till i found him.  When i returned home, my husband immediately knew something was wrong, as it being so hot, I normally turn purple in the face from the heat but that day I was extremely white. Alan did not know where the house was but did have a tel NR of someone who lied next door to the bloke they had the BBQ at. I asked my husband to phn and found out that a Peter did  live there and we got the address.  When I got there Peter had driven off to a friend as he did not want to meet me or any of the family he felt abandoned him. Thankfully his friend told him to give me a chance as none of this was my fault.
The Sunday we went to Peter and my husband told me not to put my hopes up as this Peter may not be the one I am looking for, to which I replied; " I will never forget his eyes and will know the moment I see him".
When I saw him, there was no mistaking and I just hugged him with joy.
Immediately, he wanted a drink and that scared me but I did not realize that he was so nervous. I thought at that time, I don't want to get to know someone who has a drinking problem.

He kept calling my name so softly and wanted to hold onto me. Soon we left and for some reason, i dismissed him from my mind. The ironic thing is that when I drove past a certain house, I felt compelled to pull into that street but thought I was just silly as I had no reason to go there. Little did I know that Peter lived down that street.
For a year, on his way to work, he would come to a street 100 metres from my home and turn right. Had he gone left, he would'v driven past my home.
or some reason, I just dismissed him from my mind for a few days and then on the Wednesday, i asked my husband to phone Peter and invite him over for he Saturday.
Come Saturday, Peter walked in with a  single flower for me and I told him to sit wherever he chose and he told me, no, he wanted to sit next to me. My husband sat opposite us, happy that we had finally found each other. The weirdest thing then happened. peter and i seemed to talk to each other without opening our mouths and high fived at the answers and that we cud so called "mind read". My husband, concerned lifted his hands and said, what the hell is happening here? We just laughed as we did not understand it either, neither did it scare us. We talked for ages and for days we cud not get enough of each other and talk.
One day i felt miserable and snapped at my daughter and Peter smiled and said it was OK, he too had been feeling like that all day and even broke a glass which made him more irritable. my daughter stopped and said; uncle Peter, that's exactly what my mom did too today. Did not think much of all this ut eventually my daughter in law said to me that had she not seen for herself what happened between Peter and myself, she wud not ave believed it.
I fell 3 stories (pushed y a bloke) and damaged my spine and survived because of 9 years of ballet, according to the Dr, yrs later. Peter fell 4 stories and landed in hospital, swollen and showed me his x-ray with the 2 metal rods down either side of his spine. If I was in pain, he cud feel it, 15 miles away and visa versa.
we had so many similarities that it felt as if I had a twin. Whatever happened to me on a daily basis, happened to him too.

The 13th March 2004,the morning. i told him that he needs to be with me till the sun rises and I told him that I did not know why but that it was important. He was OK with that but a woman who refused to leave him alone and seemed jealous of us, was at his home the Saturday afternoon and did not want to leave and slept over.
later that night my son took me to the hospital, as I had the most severe pain in my chest and head. They gave me morphine and once at home, i was soon asleep.
next morning, siting with my daughter in law, Alana phoned and told me that the paramedics were with Peter trying to resuscitate him. I collapsed and then instantly felt calm. We drove to peters house and seeing so many people around Peter, I stepped back outside again. When they wheeled him out, his eyes looked whitish and I knew he was gone but denial had set it.
out he house, i knew he was gone. We went to the hospital and waited till a lady asked that the family of Peter must pls come in. I felt that peter wa going to be so embarrassed with all the commotion he had caused and when I walked in the room, there was no Peter. this woman who ID not leave Peter alone had walked in with us. When we were told that he had had a heart attack (age 37 ), I screamed and fell onto a chair. The nurse sprayed something in my mouth and whatever it was, it helped. i have seen the light of peter and his presence since he died and really don't care if others believe it or not. My daughter and eldest son have seen him too.

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After Peters death, I was laying on my bed and 3( but attached) very golden lights appeared just below the ceiling. I knew t was him and said hello. The colours were too surreal and the curtains were closed and in all the yrs I lived there, I never once saw passing traffic lights in my room as we lived in the suburb and behind us was an open field. My cousin who brought him up gave me an expensive perfume and I did not like the smell but loved the 2 colours on the bottle. Every evening when in bed, a spurt of this smell wud pass me and eventually after 2 weeks I asked Peter to stop as i disliked the smell so much and it did stop. Now I wish I had said nothing lol. Once making up the bed, I moved back as we do when we fluff up the comforter and as I did so, I felt him behind me as if 1 of my living family was there, it was that real. I then apologized that I almost walked into him. My daughter has seen him often. Recently having moved to Wales from South Africa, I received an sms saying that Peter was with me and that brought comfort too.<br />
How close are u and ur brother now? I know that had peter lived, I would've been very protective of him.<br />
Thank u so much for understanding and sharing too<br />
love. Avon

Avon, I was separated from my brother after my mother died. We lived in the same apt. building. He lived with my aunt and I lived with my nana. When he was 14 he moved to a different area in NY. We had never spent the night in the same house. I came to visit him about 7 years ago to the apt where he has lived since he was l4. Now he was about 45 at the time. I got up in the morning and there was a beautiful rainbow on the ceiling. I called him and he said he had never seen anything like that in the apt. all the years he lived there. He said it was a sign our mom and dad where happy we were together as a family for the first time. Then I took some pictures the last one came up with images that to me looked liked my dad and maybe my mom. Believe the signs and feeling that you have. They are definitely for real. Don't try to understand them or analyzed too much. I am guilty of that. Sometimes these experiences just seem to good to be true. Your brother was sent back to you after all these years for a reason and his spirit is certainly watching over you. Hugs and blessings, Rosey

Wow, that story is awesome. I believe you completely. I'm sorry he is not with you now but I'm positive he is watching over you. Blessings, Rosey