The Internet is pretty amazing for finding old friends, and even old girlfriends (with the wife's knowledge and approval, of course.) My very first girlfriend was from California. I had gotten to know her (and meet her) thanks to being in a fan club for one of my favorite bands, Sparks, starting out as pen pals in 1978, and then her visiting Canada for a week, and me also visiting her city of California for three weeks. We broke up in the summer of 1980. I was so sad that I put a personal ad in a Toronto newspaper (actually a column called "Have Your Say") asking for pen pals to write to. One of the pen pals ended up being my first wife, Nancy.

Anyway, after finding my first girlfriend on Facebook a couple of years ago, I contacted her. When I was doing this I had to type the usual gibberish for the captcha code (when you have to type in stupid letters and numbers.)

The captcha code I had to type in was "sparkz".


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larrygraves larrygraves
Nov 21, 2010