But How Do You Know What the Message Is

I believe that synchronicity is a part of our everyday lives.  Sometimes we are more open to "seeing" the occurrences than others.  I also believe these synchoronistic events are occurring in order to pass on a message.  My difficulty lies in deciphering it.   

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I find this topic awesome based on my personal experiences with synchronicity. Although it is difficult to explain my experiences (because they are unique to myself), I can try and help you to recognize these moments with a little more ease.

I find that coversations that I have had with somebody in the current day tend to sync up with commercials on television, or advertisements on billboards and radio stations; this is typically received after the conversation has taken place .

I find it amazing how articulate syncronization can be. It seems that all moments may seem to be random and coincidental, but once realized, everything is finely tuned and carefully orchestrated. My only explanation is that our thoughts and inner visions are intertwined, and via this connection, we are able to see and foresee these moments of synchrony.

Am I making any sense?

Something tells me that synchrony should be more easily recognized from day to day; for some reason it is not. Perhaps, certain physical laws that each one of us have been taught to believe in prohibit us from thinking about synchrony in these ways. Synchrony would be like fate, or lead us to believe that everything happens for a reason. Sorry, I tend to rambvle on and on.

Interesting topic at the least!

- Randy

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Jaqui, I wish I had an answer to your question. Recently, I've found myself in a situation that's rife with synchroncity. After I stopped freaking out over it, I decided to lay low, and let the message reveal itself to me when necessary.


You're making sense Arti and you know it! LOL

Recently I've discovered if I stop looking, I start seeing.

Make sense?

Well said. I personally don't beleive in coincidence. The more I accept what is happening around me and as part of an overall plan?......the easier it is for me to see the patterns. I find that a lot of the time, when I start thinking things are random and crazy, it's usually because I am tired or hurting and just don't want to take the time to see the patterns. When I feel good again, got enough rest or what ever, then the patterns start flowing again easily. Am I making sense? Probably not because I'm pretty tired right now! Ha! :)

This too is worth looking at. I have the DVD. It is reinforcing much of what I believe, and opening new concepts.

I can now fully understand why my marriage eventually failed, and two subsequent relationships. All three people were trapped in the past by their own thoughts.

thanks so much. i'll check out the websites and see what resonates most.

LOL, well, before you make the trip maybe browse his website first, check out his ideas? what he calls "Imago Therapy"... My wife and I havent done any counseling with an Imago therapist but i did benefit a lot from his book, on my own..

********'IWM running to nearest bookstore. finally, a book that may offers some insight******

He may have some fears or issues he needs to deal with, and has avoided. And while it may not be in your power to help him, the opposite could be true. Have you ever read Harville Hendrix's "Getting the Love You Want"? Its a great book. A key idea is that we often marry people who bring up old issues from our childhood, with our relationships with our parents, with the secret hope that with them we can resolve these issues. Marriages always die after awhile, the connection dies, the old fantasies fall away. We then have a choice of giving up, or starting over. Relationships have natural seasons, and if the roots are deep, flowers will bloom again. But you have to water the roots, shine sunlight on the leaves. Most couples face these kinds of challenges, at some point. The old will die, but something new can be born, if love is there. That's often the challenge.

Dont know how much of what I'm saying fits your situation, but if there is anything there of value, hope you'll see it.


You could also be completely right. This is something that I've been struggling with for a while. I'm trying to find a way to understand him. It's difficult, because he doesn't understand himself. I feel like he's afraid to understand himself.

Hope I can be helpful in some way. I've been reading many of your stories and posts today, and while I could be completely wrong, I get this sense that the Universe may be pointing its finger(s) at your husband, as having some of the answers you seek, that (maybe) just as your husband no longer understands what is going on with you, and fails to appreciate you enough, perhaps you are not fully in tune with what is happening with him, and how much he needs you, needs and wants to feel a deeper connectedness with you, feel more appreciated by you, even if he isnt fully aware of it, consciously. I could be completely wrong, its just my intuition.

You summed up being in the now in a nut shell. What a beautiful example.

Thank you for sharing that gift.

Well, the stick in Zen isnt used to inflict pain so much as to wake people up when meditating, lol. But, the analogy is that sometimes we have to face things we dont like in order to find some of the answers we seek, or to give birth to something new and better. I remember when my wife had her contractions before my sons were born, she said it was some of the most unbelievable pain she's ever experienced, but she had to "open up" in order to give birth to them. She got thru the pain, surrendered herself to it, and on the other side was tenderness, joy, gratitude and love...

Me too WOO. I just read something about how Zen Buddhism and sticks. If you are fully in the moment, you will move before you get hit with that stick.

At this point, I'd probably get the crap beat out of me...LOL

I like that analogy. I need one of those sticks, and someone to use it, on me!

You know the story about God and the helicopter, right? It goes something like this, there is a flood and a man goes up to his roof. He has deep faith in God, sends a prayer asking for God to save him. A boat comes by, with a fisherman, who says come on, get in. The man says, "No thank you, God is coming for me." Next a helicopter comes by, the pilot sends down a ladder, and the man says, "No thank you, I am waiting for God." The helicopter pilot mutters "shmuck" and flys off...

Finally the waters rise higher, the man is swept away and drowns. He gets to Heaven, and there is God. The man says, "why didn't you come, I asked you to save me, why didn't you come?" And God says, "Whadday mean? I sent a boat to you, a helicopter.."

As WiseOldOwl has suggested, it is quite possible that you haven't found the answers you seek because your mind is waiting for blue, and is closed to red. Is it possible that your husband, a Libra, has some of the answers you seek?

Not all the wisdom and guidance we get in life comes through blissful moments or angelic voices. In Zen Buddhism a monk will hit you on the head with a stick if that is what is needed to wake someone up...

That's exactly what I'm doing and trying hard not to. I haven't taken the time to meditate and still my mind in way too long. I know that this is part of the reason I feel this way.

Sometimes it's hard to see the answers because we are not sure what we a looking for.

Imagine trying to find a box we think is blue, when in fact it is red. You wont find it because the mind is closed to red.

WOO, this is another aspect where ego gets in the way. I can't see what the next chain is. Most of the time that's the case.

In the case with my Libras, I have to laugh because I've met and become close with 2 more since the writing of this story. With the way my life has been sprialing out of control lately, I do see that I need to find balance. There is a twist to this scenario. You've read a lot of what I' ve written, so you understand that a lot of these changes have to do with my husband. Well, guess what, my husband is a Libra too. I find it amazing that he is a major part of what is sending my life into this great imbalance.

Windy, you're right. I just wish he would communicate in a way that I could understand.

The one thing I know for sure is this. With respects to my current life situation, I know that the answer is being shown to me. The Universe knows and understands that I'm making an effort to see it's message. Therefore, I believe that it will keep sending me signs until it realizes that my spirituality is finally vibrating at a frequency where I can hear my soul.

IWM, getting back to your difficulty with deciphering it.

If a chain of events causes another another, which has a good outcome, try to look for the aspects that create the good outcome so that good outcomes can be recreated.

Likewise if you can identify things that result in a bad outcome, those things can be avoided.

Some things may be neutral on their own, or good or bad when synchronised with others.

That's a good way of putting it. I think I extract the relevant message and discard the rest....well I'd love to stay and say more but I have a lunch date with a Libra very soon!...... : )

It seems I'm destined to follow you aroung this morning, Lostbird.

I never wanted to believe in astrology myself, but there are just some things you cannot argue with.

In this case, I'm not sure you actually need to believe in order to get the message. I think we all know what the basic traits are of most sun signs. That being said, the message can still present itself by way of it's symbolism.

Blimey ...I had been thinking only this morning that I seem to be attracted to a lot of Libras...... but I don't particularly want to believe in astrology.